Are you a warrior?

Winter seems to be drawing in fast.
Opening up Wild Geese HQ this morning was cold and dark.
Only half of the Boot Camp crew showed up.

This put a smile on my face. This is what the Boot Camp is about.
A fighter has to get in the ring alone to face a man intent on knocking his head off.
Yes you have a corner man and a crowd of friends cheering you on, but they are on the outside.
You alone are in the line of fire, and if you haven’t prepared yourself mentally and physically, you are going to get beaten.
Those that crawled out of bed this, the first of the cold dark mornings, these are the ones that show they have what it takes.
These are the warriors that are willing to go to any lengths in their training so that anything that life throws at them becomes nothing more than a distraction.
This is what the Boot Camp is about. It’s about the few that have that certain something to go that little bit extra.

Congratulations to those that show up. You are the ones leading the way forward.

Dave Hedges

PS, This Tuesday, Wild Geese host Pekiti Tirsia’s Bill McGrath, training
commences at 6pm for around 2 hours. This is your opportunity to train with one of Filipino Martial Arts top
practitioners, a man who has used his arts in the performance of his duties as a Police Officer.
Don’t miss out.

Also, this Sunday, Wild Geese conditioning coach will be running a level 1 Kettlebell workshop. This covers the fundamentals of lifting, no experience is necessary. The workshop starts at 12 noon for two hours. Bring a notepad & pen. Cost for this is a mere €20

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