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Wild Geese Martial Arts is Paul Cox & Dave Hedges. Together they lead a team of dedicated and highly skilled instructors covering several martial art styles as well as fitness, strength & conditioning and movement therapy.

Your Chance to Train with A World Renowned Strength Coach

You have to have been living under a rock to not have heard about the value of kettlebell training for martial arts.

If you train at Wild Geese Martial Arts, you’ll be familiar with the extensive set of kettles behind the squat rack at the end of the room. You should also be aware of Coach Dave Hedges, WGMA’s resident Strength & Conditioning coach who is always willing to help out our competitive fighters by using these tools.

You may not know that Dave has a coach he learns from.

A man who is also an accomplished martial artist, who knows the body, is known for incredible feats of strength, power and mobility.

A man that BJJ legend Xande Ribiero has recently hired to prepare for his next BJJ cometition.

A man who will be in Wild Geese next month to run a short workshop on his training methods.

Who are we talking about?

Non other than Steve Cotter.


Here’s a video clip of his presenting some of his methods:

And here’s a clip of him and his business partner, Ken Blackburn teaching a workshop. Jumo to 3min 20s to see Steve really show off!

There’s a reason he’s one of the worlds most popular and sought after coaches.

Tickets are on sale now for May 21st in Wild Geese.

Get yours

Eventbrite - Steve Cotter Dublin Workshop

Wild Geese.

New Bloods II – Muay Thai Show

There’s some pretty cool events coming out of Wild Geese over the next few months.

Coach Mick Paszowski is running a Muay Thai show under his 309 Phuang Malai banner.

He’s still finalising the line up, but so far it’s looking incredible with fighters from a host of gyms around Ireland being matched up.

Tickets for the event are available here at the gym.

Here’s the event poster, but also check out the 309 Phuang Malai facebook page for more updates as more fighters are matched up

New Bloods II

See you there

Wild Geese

An Amazing Weekend of Katori Shinto Ryu

Last weekend we had the privilege of hosting a Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō ryū seminar at Wild Geese Martial Arts.

Jeffrey Balmer (Menkyo, Shidosha) travelled all the way down to Dublin for a full weekend training program with the Dublin study group.

Beginners were introduced to iai-jutsu (sword-drawing art) and itsusu no tachi (the very first combat paired sequence in kenjutsu, sword art), the more advanced students had the chance to train and improve bōjutsu (staff art).

People had the chance to learn about the tradition of the school, the different weapons that it masters and a glimpse of the real application of the techniques hidden behind the sequence of movements called kata.

Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō Ryū includes in its martial curriculum:

  • Iai-jutsu
  • Kenjutsu
  • Bōjutsu
  • Naginata-jutsu (glaive art)
  • Jūjutsu(flexible art)
  • Shuriken-jutsu (throwing blade art)
  • Ninjutsu (espionage art)
  • Sōjutsu (spear art)
  • Senjutsu (tactics)
  • and Chikujō-jutsu (field fortification art).

Even today, the ryū retains the traditionally strict custom in which a candidate for study in the ryū is required to execute the keppan, signing, in the person’s own blood, a solemn oath to abide by the policies of the ryū.

In this way, the Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō ryū has been able to maintain the originality of its teachings, both in spirit and form, precisely as Master Iizasa Chōisai Ienao, the founder, detailed these matters over 600 years ago.

The Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō ryū has become a well-known and much sought after traditional martial art in many countries around the world.

Regrettably, a number of people are teaching and using the name of the ryū without written authority.

A Kyōshi (teaching) license does not signify permission to teach in Katori Shintō Ryū; in fact, no one is permitted to represent in any way, or teach the techniques of this ryū without a written Shidōsha (instructor) license from Ōtake Risuke Shihan.

Thank you guys for an amazing weekend.

Giancarlo Sanchez

Katori Shinto Ryu Seminar – Free to Beginners

Good day,

I’m a student of the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu bujutsu under Menkyo Shidosha Jeffrey Balmer from Ireland. We are all students of Otake Risuke sensei.
This email is to cordially invite you to the Katori Shinto ryu seminar to take place on Friday March 20, Saturday March 21, Sunday March 22 and Monday March 23 here in Dublin.
This 4 day event is going to be free for beginners.
We will count with the presence of Menkyo Shidosha Jeffrey Balmer.
We expect to have the pleasure of welcoming you to this seminar. Find the timetable below
– 10:00 to 17:00 with most advanced training from 18:00 to 21:00. (Times may vary)
The location:
– Friday and Monday:   
The Liffey Trust Studios, Liffey Trust Centre, North Wall, Dublin 1.
– Saturday and Sunday:
Wild Geese Martial Arts, 14 Magennis Place, Pearse St Dublin 2.
– If you do posses Navy keikogi and navy/black hakama and a bokuto would be ideal, if not, comfortable clothes would do, we will provide the needed equipment.
– Confirm your booking by emailing me back saying you are interested (we have only 10 spots left).
– If you cant make it to the start of the session, tell me what days and what times you can come, do not drop without letting know first!
– Bring the best of you to this training session, leave your ego behind.
Contact Details:
Giancarlo Sanchez – 0899514362 –

New Web Site, New Classes

You may have noticed, the website has changed a wee bit!

We’ve been busy here at WGMA trying to bring the stuff online up to the standard of the stuff we do in our training.

It’s not easy, we’re not techies, but we’re getting there.

So take some time to have  a look about the new site, we’re pretty pleased it.
We’re still working on it, we’ve a few instructor profiles missing and more stuff to go into the shop page, but that’ll be fixed as soon as.

One thing you may notice in the “Other Martial Arts” page is a new class.

We’re pleased to now host a Katori Shinto Ryu class every Saturday morning under the tutelage of GianCarlo Sanchez.
We’ve seen him in action and he’s a dedicated practitioner of this historical Japanese warrior art.

Feel free to drop in and try a session with him.
Here’s a link to his page.

We hope to have more content coming out as soon as we can and get this blog busy again.


Wild Geese


Fighting Back Rash Guard

Last year I launched the eBook Fighting Back, which has been very well received by more than just the BJJ crowd it is aimed at.
The cover art featured a torso made from ropes, to which I received several requests to turn into a Rash Guard print.

This then is that print.

The Fighting Back Rash Guard

The Rash Guard cost €40 each, and each purchase will include a pdf copy of the Fighting Back manual. Place your order using the form below, any posting and packaging will be added to the cost of the shirt.


Enter discount code

Once the order is placed you will receive a download link for the eBook.
In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the book, click this image:

 Fighting Back - How to Stop Back Pain & Improve your BJJ game
Dave Hedges

Mind Over Metal T-Shirts supporting Mental Health

This is the new Training T-shirt from Dave Hedges and his WG-Fit crew. The shirt is to support the HOPS (Hope & Peer Support) Centre for Mental Health which Dave has worked very closely with for several years.

The T-Shirts cost €20 each,Hoddies €50 of which €5 will go directly to the centre. Place your order using the form below, any posting and packaging will be added to the cost of the shirt.





The Art of Power

The weekend that just passed saw yet another great workshop at Wild Geese Martial Arts.
This time we had world renowned Self Protection expert Mick Coup in to teach a two day workshop on Power Generation.

Over two 4 hour workshops Mick presented his view on how to create a seriously powerful punch and kick.
Now this wasn’t just his opinion, the information he teaches has been very carefully scrutinised, analysed and tested.
What Mick finds true, he teaches.

More so than that, Mick’s goal isn’t to show you a system or a style, rather it’s to help you understand, as he does, the in’s and outs of a particular movement. Or as he quipped, “I’m giving you the fishing rod, not just a fish.”

Oddly enough for a 4 hour day, only a small portion of it was spent actually banging the pads. How can this be on a power generation workshop?

Mick has the eye of an engineer. He takes apart movements and looks at the underlying principles and processes involved.
He then looks at which areas are most important and which need the most work to improve them.
He then re integrates the parts and tests.

Sound familiar? It’s exactly what your mechanic does when you take your car to get fixed. He doesn’t just get in it and drive it around, he takes it apart to find and fix the problem before driving it to ensure the fix is good.
This is the same way in which Mick Coup looks at his training and encourages you to look at your own.

This eliminates everything except logical, evidence based improvement. There’s no blind loyalty to any one system, style or instructor. All that matters is the result.

So after 4 hours, with only a small portion of that actually punching the pads, every person in the room made significant improvements in striking power. How do we know this? Well, there is only one way to tell how powerful a strike is and that’s to ask the target.
It was a unanimous decision amongst everyone who held pads that they were feeling the effects. It is this feedback from the pad man that tells you how effective your being, its not how much effort your using. Often when the guys were told to “not try” or to simply concentrate on their feet, or their hip rather than the target, they felt that they moved with far less effort yet the pad man always reported an increase in power. Or at least they did when they recovered their wind!

The second day reviewed some of the information from day 1 allowing the guys to ask questions, before moving into the “Low Line” strike aka low kick.

The same processes and principles were applied and the same results were seen.

As an aside to the technical information, Mick also gave out some training tips to develop the body. He’s a advocate of hard physical training saying that we should look to the world of athletics for our inspiration. He showed methods for developing explosive power, starting strength structural strength. He talked about tricking the Central Nervous System into over delivering and recruiting more muscle fibres and therefore more power.

All in all the weekend was excellent. And I highly recommend you spend some time training with Mick Coup at some point, regardless of your style or system, he will improve what you do.

The next workshops/seminar to be held at WGMA will be:

Rapid Response Knife Defence Skills – Nov 4th with Dave Hedges
Tuhon Pat O’Malley, CQC and empty hand FMA street combatives – Nov 24 & 25
Iain Abernathy, date TBC, this is being run by Kevin Callan of Kyohushin Karate, WGMA are hosting.

Get in touch to get involved, simply email: or better still, join our Facebook page and sign up to receive our email newsletter here:


Wild Geese

A Mile of Kettlebell Swings for Charity

Wild Geese co founder and conditioning coach, Dave Hedges, is taking on a huge challenge.
Last year he, with the help of some of you, raised €5000 for Rehab Care by doing a mile of Walking Kettlebell Swings.
That’s over 2000 repetitions with a 16kg bell.

This year he’s upped the ante.

This time around he’ll be using a 24kg bell.

Along side him will also be a handful of his Kettlebell Fitness regulars, most of whom will also be attempting the mile and a few who will be working as a relay team.

Here’s a short video of an interview he gave where he talks about Wild Geese, Mental Health and the Mile Challenge:

Dave has set up an online fundraising page for those of you willing to sponsor him, the link to that is:
Sponsor Dave and his guys by CLICKING THIS LINK

You can also buy raffle tickets from Dave at the club.

The event will take place in Irishtown Stadium from 1pm, please come down and show your support, cheer the guys on and meet some of the people who use the Rehab Care centre and will benefit directly from this event.
Here’s a map to the stadium:

View Larger Map

Imagine lifting 10 adult elephants!!!

Imagine lifting 10 adult elephants!!!

That's the cumulative weight (50 metric tonnes) that Wild Geese fitness

coach Dave Hedges <> will be lifting as part of

his latest kettlebell fundraising challenge for RehabCare's HOPS resource

centre in Dublin's Pearse Street.

The challenge will take place from 1pm on Saturday, 1st September at

Irishtown Stadium, Dublin and all are welcome to come and show their

support. It will be officially started by James Fennelly, Ireland's

Strongest Man and by Adrian O'Dwyer, National High Jump Record Holder and

Irish Olympian in 2004.

Highlights include:

*** Face Painting***

*** Raffle***


***Ice Cream Truck***

Please come along and show your support to RehabCare HOPS whilst having a

great day out!!! Or alternatively if you can't come along, please show Dave

Hedges your support at his online fundraising page



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Registered in Ireland;

Registration number:282889

Registered Office:

Roslyn Park, Sandymount, Dublin 4; Charity number: CHY12729