Being Honest

The Escrima Concepts seminar last weekend was incredible we all received some great training and information from a true master of the martial arts, Steve Tappin and his son Wayne.

It’ll take a few days for us to get a full write up on the event but I thought I’d talk about some of the key points.

Steve has developed and teaches a concepts based system, this means that rather than stringing together an endless amount of techniques, he has a number of principles and concepts that when correctly applied, lead to the rapid development of a skilled and effective fighter. This is not some clone system where everybody does the same thing the same way, in the Escrima Concepts system no two fighters move exactly the same, because the fighters are not the same.

This got me thinking. Steve already said over the weekend he wasn’t going to teach us stuff we already new, but rather he will show us ideas that we can apply to our own system to improve what we already do.

Is this applicable to the gym, the office, the home?

Steve put his system together by thinking outside the box, removing the illusion and honestly asking if his training was effective and useful outside in the real world, if your familiar with the Westside idea of training your weaknesses, or have read Geoff Thompson you probably know what I mean.
So ask yourself, does your 100 punches per day, hour on the treadmill or your 3 sets of 10 bench presses really have a carry over effect into the real world, or are you just doing it for the sake of it?

I know I used to practice Kata/forms just for the sake of practicing them. Now I do them with intent and purpose and find that I naturally apply the movements in the real world. I lift weights and train in a manner that will allow me to be more efficient in the real world, not just on the gym floor.

I like to know that I have the strength to lift and carry heavy stuff, the skills to defend myself and others in a tight spot and have the stamina to last all day at whatever I’m doing. This is largely as a result of the training I employ.

So take a long hard look at what you do, in the gym/dojo/office, and ask yourself if you are being honest. Steve did and now he’s one of the most in demand instructors in Europe.

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