Brazilian Jujitsu Open Workshop

Hi All,

Just a reminder that this Sunday Wild Geese instructor Mariusz Domasat, will be running an open Brazilian Jujitsu workshop at our Pearse St Academy.

The workshop will cover:
-Proper warm up practices for the ground fighter
-Stand up-to the ground (takedowns)
-Defending from your back
-Chokes and counters from chokes

Wether you’re a fighter, recreational martial artist or fitness enthusiast, you will benefit from this workshop. Everybody is welcome, regardless of experience and background.

Date – Sunday 19 April
Time – 3pm to 6(ish)pm
Cost – €30 (Wild Geese members) €40 (everyone else)

Mr Mariusz began his training in Boxing @ the age of 9 !(1988) in Legnica Poland ,after 4 years he started 2 train Kick-Boxing and Muay Thai. He has since earned many black belts, medals and certifications including:
2006 1 Dan in Judo, 1Dan MMA, 1 Dan Ju Jitsu
2007 1 Dan Jiu Jitsu
2008 2,3 Dan MMA, 1Dan ,1 Dan Shira Tora Ju-Jitsu,Submission Wrestling Instructor,1 Dan Modern Ju-Jitsu, Holder of the Honorary 4th Dan American Tiger Ju Jitsu
2009 1Dan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Free Style

And has earned the right to become the official representative of the International Modern Ju-Jitsu Federation and Poland wide CERTUS (Bodyguards and Detectives School) Branches, the International Mixed Martial Arts Association and the Marcello C Monteiro BJJ Association

Please take the time to attend this workshop and take the opportunity to meet an exceptionally talented yet incredibly humble instructor.


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