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The worlds most universally abused exercise

Lets face it, most lads are in the gym cos they want to look big, and they want big guns.
No I don’t mean AK-47’s, I mean arms, more specifically Biceps.

Men want big Biceps. So men do Bicep curls.

Or do they?

I’m currently working out of one of the commercial gym’s in Dublin city centre, yesterday seemed to be the official arms day (Monday is reserved for chest, so arms are on Tuesday), now I’m a freelance PT, so I’ve no business interfering with the general populace but it’s just so heartbreaking seeing so many people making such a mess of what is essentially one of the simplest exercises on the menu.

The biceps curl. All you have to do is straighten and bend the arm at the elbow, that’s it.
Yeah I could go into engaging the core, breathing techniques blah blah. In essence, a bicep curl involves starting with a straight arm and bending it until the hands come close to the shoulder, extend the elbow until the arm comes straight and repeat for the number of reps you have planned in your log (oh wait, that’s a whole other post!!)

And yet as I look around I see the majority of lads using weights that are that bit too heavy and compensating by only extending the arm to 90 degrees. The only rep worth anything was the first one when the arms were actually straight, subsequent reps were only half reps and were heavily assisted by the front delts and by the hips (as you swing and lean back).

Lads, leave the ego at the door, Iron is always going to beat muscle (unless your into bending nails), so find a weight you can control not a weight that will control you.

Better yet, forget curls and get on the pull up bar. Actually don’t, cos I need it.


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