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Bootcamp – Are you up for a challenge?

At the request of some of our fighters, Wild Geese conditioning coach will be running an early morning fitness Bootcamp.
This will run every Mon, Wed & Fri at 7am from Monday the 28th June for 4 weeks.

If you’ve ever stepped into a ring, or if you’ve ever watched a fight on television or from the ringside, you will appreciate the level of fitness training a fighter needs.
Vanity muscles and pump sets just don’t cut it when the going gets rough. A fighter must be able generate power over and over, no matter how long the fight goes on, they must continue, absorbing whatever the opponent throws at them while firing out powerful techniques of their own.

As soon as one fighter show fatigue, the fight is over.

This Bootcamp is aimed at developing that level of conditioning. The physical and mental ability to keep moving forward, to stay strong even under fatigue.

Over the 4 weeks you will use kettlebells, sandbags, bodyweight and other forms of resistance. You will do circuits, timed sets, heavy sets, full body moves and core oriented lifts. You will be built up over the first two weeks into a brutal third week, then tapered back down in the 4th, final week.
By the end, you will be stronger, more explosive, your conditioning will be at an all time high and your waistline, an all time low.

What are we charging for this?
€147,to be payed by the 25th June.
Regular Wild Geese members will receive a 33% discount.
The Wild Geese fighters with an upcoming bout will not be charged.
If you are a competitive athlete (combat athlete or otherwise), talk to us and we will cut you a deal.

This is not a military boot camp, I’ve never been in the military, and the chances are, neither have you.
This is a bootcamp for highly motivated individuals, willing to work for a goal.

Are you up for the challenge?

If so, drop us a line (087 672 6090,
If not, don’t