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BJJ Champ joins Wild Geese Team

Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have been tought at Wild Geese Martial Arts for some time now, and while we’ve had good instructors, we’ve never had great instructors.

This is about to change.

Since our old BJJ coach, Mariousz left us we’ve had a bit of help from a few friends. Lads have stepped up and taken on the classes, and we’re extremeley grateful, and extremely lucky to have had them do this for us. It’s a debt we’ll be repaying for some time.
But one of the lads came to us a week ago and told us about a group of BJJ coaches and students that have recently been left without a studio to train out of.

He brought them to us.

We were immediately impressed.

They are starting here NEXT WEEK.

As of Monday 19th April 2010, Wild Geese are proud to offer you the opportunity to learn from Andre Ramos, a BJJ Brown Belt. A rank he earned in Brazil.

Take a look at the following clip of him in action:

We have changed the class schedule slightly to suit the boys a little better, the new class times are now on our homepage,


Wild Geese

Wild Geese MMA Club

We just can’t deny it, MMA is the most popular form of martial arts available today. And like most things that get a surge of interest it is in danger of becoming a victim of it’s own success.
Everywhere you look there are MMA gyms and MMA instructors popping up out of nowhere. You local karate instructor suddenly starts teaching ground work, your self defence coach is teaching ground and pound. But where did they learn?
To this end we at Wild Geese have brought together some of the finest minds currently in Ireland, people who have proven track records and experience and we are making them available to you, the public. We have top Brazilian JuJitsu coach, Mariousz Domast, the only man in Europe to represent legendary BJJ coach Marcello C Monteiro (, former Polish national Judo team member and creator of too many chapions to count both back home in Poland and here in Ireland.
We have Phil Whyte & Ronan McSweeney both well known and respected in the Irish and European kickboxing circles.
We have Dave Hedges who is one of the few to hold an instructor certification from World kettlebell lifting champion Vasilly Gincko and has a long history of training Martial Artists and athletes with a variety of methods.
The three instructors ware available through the week to train you to become a highly conditioned and effective mixed martial artsist.

On Mondays, Mariousz will be teaching the finer points of the ground game, how to perform escapes and submissions and find advantage in any position from the floor. Brazillian JuJitsu is the foundation of MMA, without adequate grappling skills, you will never realise you full potential.
Tuesdays & Thursdays are your opportunity to train with fitness coach and martial artist, Dave Hedges. The tues (beginner) and Thurs (advanced) Kettlebell class will beef up your strength, explosiveness and cardio while stripping away unwanted extra weight. Many top names in the MMA scene have turned to kettlebells, now it’s your turn.
Wednesdays and Saturdays are the MMA days. You will work your stand up, cardio and groundwork on these days. Putting together the skills from Mondays, the strength & stamina from Tues/thurs and adding to it the Kickboxing and striking drills, ultimately putting it all together.

The MMA club will be priced differently to regular classes at the Wild Geese House of Strength, reflecting the dedication required to become a combat athlete.

  • 4 days/week (eg 2x MMA, 1xBJJ, 1xKBFitness) €80/month
  • 3 days/week (eg 1xMMA, 1x BJJ, 1x KBfitness) €70/month
  • 2 days/week (eg 1x BJJ, 1xMMA) €60/month

The class breakdowns are examples only, you may choose any combination from the MMA package. We suggest that you choose classes that will bring up your weaknesses, for example if you can box but keep getting choked out, emphasis the BJJ. If you are gassed after the first 10 minutes, emphasise the kettlebell. You have the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Should this pricing scheme proves popular we may change our whole pricing structure to match.

Wild Geese
+353 87 672 6090

BJJ / MMA Seminar this weekend


Quick reminder, this weekend Marcello Monteiro ( will be in Ireland for a one of a kind seminar.
Details are displayed on our homepage, or you can download the flyer from:

If you haven’t already booked your place, please get in touch with Mariousz today.

His direct email address is

Alternatively contact him via

If your into Brazilian Jujitsu or MMA, you do not want to miss out on this.


Dave Hedges
Doce Pares Ireland / Kenpo Karate / Self Protection / Security Training /
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Brazilian Jujitsu Open Workshop

Hi All,

Just a reminder that this Sunday Wild Geese instructor Mariusz Domasat, will be running an open Brazilian Jujitsu workshop at our Pearse St Academy.

The workshop will cover:
-Proper warm up practices for the ground fighter
-Stand up-to the ground (takedowns)
-Defending from your back
-Chokes and counters from chokes

Wether you’re a fighter, recreational martial artist or fitness enthusiast, you will benefit from this workshop. Everybody is welcome, regardless of experience and background.

Date – Sunday 19 April
Time – 3pm to 6(ish)pm
Cost – €30 (Wild Geese members) €40 (everyone else)

Mr Mariusz began his training in Boxing @ the age of 9 !(1988) in Legnica Poland ,after 4 years he started 2 train Kick-Boxing and Muay Thai. He has since earned many black belts, medals and certifications including:
2006 1 Dan in Judo, 1Dan MMA, 1 Dan Ju Jitsu
2007 1 Dan Jiu Jitsu
2008 2,3 Dan MMA, 1Dan ,1 Dan Shira Tora Ju-Jitsu,Submission Wrestling Instructor,1 Dan Modern Ju-Jitsu, Holder of the Honorary 4th Dan American Tiger Ju Jitsu
2009 1Dan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Free Style

And has earned the right to become the official representative of the International Modern Ju-Jitsu Federation and Poland wide CERTUS (Bodyguards and Detectives School) Branches, the International Mixed Martial Arts Association and the Marcello C Monteiro BJJ Association

Please take the time to attend this workshop and take the opportunity to meet an exceptionally talented yet incredibly humble instructor.


Wild Geese
every cause but our own

Doce Pares Ireland / Kenpo Karate / Self Protection / Security Training
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Brazilian JuJitsu coming to WGMA

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my good friend Marius has agreed to teach Brazilian JuJitsu at our club.

This now brings the club to near completion, we teach every range of combat from weapons right down to grappling, with some of the countries top coaches.

Marius is a highly qualified coach who in his native Poland has spent much time teaching Police and Military as well as civillian competative fighters. Here in ireland he’s already produced fight winning competitors.

He says that his style is very technical and so has an edge over many other instructors. I ope to have a full and detailed page for him up on the new www, as soon as possible.

Till then come down on monday evenings between 7 and 8pm to see for yourself.


Wild Geese
every cause but our own