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Be Nice

Wild Geese founders Paul Cox and Dave Hedges have both spent many years working the Door. Now they run Wild Geese and offer control and restraint training specifically for Doormen and other members of the security industry.

The following lecture covers just about everything a good Doorman needs to know. In fact, Paul Cox has  styled his whole persona on Dalton!

To find out more about the Control and Restraint course and regular training, drop us an email to or give us a call on 0876726090.

Wild Geese

The Ultimate Self Defence Move

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have recently learned the ultimate in self defence technique.

And I’m going to share it with you.

Recently I was training one of our regular private clients, when they stopped and told me of a course they had just been on.

This course was run at her job.

A course so well thought out, it came with a manual.

The manual was so well written anyone who reads it will fully understand the intricacies of self defence in such detail as to be able to teach to a room full of beginners.

The manual could be described as the real world equivalent of Kung Fu Panda’s Dragon Scroll.

But enough hype. Lets now look at the climax of the course, as taught from the manual.

This is quite possible the most groundbreaking self defence manoeuvre I have ever come across in 20+ years of Martial Arts training and 10+ years working in private security and Door work.

It is this:

“Should your assailant bite your arm, do not pull away, instead push forward
into the persons mouth.”

So far so good, but it’s basic common sense, if you pull out the teeth may rip your flesh. We all know that, so what’s the secret, groundbreaking move…….

Here it is:

“With your free hand, tickle the assailants top lip just under his nose.
This will stimulate their parasympathetic nervous system and cause their jaw
to drop releasing your arm from the bite. You now step away.”


Who’d have thought of tickling a man hell bent on biting through your arm.
I told you it was ground breaking.

This is the type of bullshit being taught by unqualified, inexperienced “self defence” instructors. If you’ve ever been in a fight, even if it’s just a friendly sparring match down the dojo, would you think you would be stopped dead in your tracks by someone tickling you?

If you had a man sinking his teeth into you, do you believe that:
1 – You’d have the self control to tickle him and
2 – That it would actually dissolve the situation.

I don’t.

I’ve been bitten. Twice. In different scenarios as a doorman.

Now, I realise that I’m merely talking from experience here, I don’t have a manual to follow, but here’s what I have done when someone has attempted to bite me:
I have done something most “instructors” are too squeamish to teach.
I stuck my finger deep into the man’s eye socket.

The result, the assailants jaw drops as he squeals in pain, his head snaps back as he attempts to move his eyes away from the attack, he takes a step backwards.

What did I do next?
I put the man on the floor and restrained him while the authorities were called.

That’s because I was working security. If it was a street scenario, a self defence situation, I’d simply drop him and run.

Regardless of the outcome, get yourself to the Doctor for blood tests and tetanus booster. Bites, even from people, especially from people, can carry a whole heap of infections.

I’m not an advocate of violence, but sometimes you have no option. If some lowlife decides to bite you, hurt him, end of story.
What would happen if your dog bit someone? You would be obliged to have him put down.
Why would the rules be different for a person? If you get bitten, put the guy down and get the hell out of there.

If some muppet reads a self defence course from a manual, ask him to back up what he says with personal anecdotes. Ask him what his experience is. And if the answer is “It’s in the manual” hit him with it and leave.

Wild Geese run bespoke Self Defence and Control & Restraint courses. These courses are based on real world experience, both from experience we have gained personally and from experience gleaned from those better than ourselves.
We have taught at the Academia De Police in Aguas Calientes Mexico, for the Presidential Guard in the Gambia, to Greenbow Lgbt, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Tekken Security and Door Security Management in Dublin and regularly consult for ESTS < an internationally recognised leader in security training and services.
The picture above was taken at a seminar in Mexico. Wild Geese Chief Instructor Paul Cox showing control & restraint as members of the various Law Enforcement agencies look on.

If you or your company feels the need for Self Defence training, maybe you work within the Security Field and require Control & Restraint and Baton (Asp) please drop us a line anytime to


Dave Hedges

087 672 6090

Self Defence, Blade Awareness & Security Tactics

This is the last call for anybody interested in the escrima concepts seminar this weekend at Dublin’s Martial Arts Academy, Magennis Place, Pearse St.
Right opposite the DART station.

We are starting at 11am sharp on Sat morning and will be covering weapon and knife defence, blade awareness and self defence/self protection tactics for both civilian and the security industry.

The seminar runs Sat 1100 – 1700 and Sunday 1100 – 1500.
€50/day, or €80 for both days.

We will also be asking all the Irish FMA instructors to sit down over a pint and discuss the formation of the Irish Council of Eskrima, Kali, Arnis Instructors.

See you there.

Wild Geese
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80% of Fights End Up On The Floor

True. But don’t forget that 90% start on the feet.

The truth is, if you’re awareness has failed and you find yourself in a situation that you can’t talk yourself out of, the chances are you’re on your feet (as are the antagonists).

This is where preemptive striking, power and accuracy will come into play. You want to know that when you make contact, it counts. The ground is the last place you want to be.

For this reason the majority of traditional martial arts are all stand up based, including kenpo and eskrima. Many Filipino’s have a very simple viewpoint of ground fighting, if you see people doing it, go over and stab one of them, or kick a few heads.

Does this mean we shouldn’t learn grappling, absolutely not. It is a very valuable skill, and great conditioning, but it is far from being the be all and end all I often see it touted as.

You won’t see finer grappling than in the octagon of the UFC. But on many occasions I’ve heard discussions with various mma’ers that go the way of “but most fights go to ground……”, “submissions are best….” etc, please note I hold mma in the highest regard and have a few of my own students actively involved in mma. But on the street these arguments are highly flawed.

My personal favorite UFC fighter is the former champion and UFC legend, Chuck Liddel.


He fights similar to a street fighter, avoiding going to ground and instead preferring to knock out the majority of his opponents. That and the fact that he’s also a Kenpo man. Chuck has great takedown defence and awesome striking power.

Rolling on the ground is great training, but do so for more than a second or two outside and you’ll have people putting the boot in on you from all sides. Submissions on the street are dangerous, it is much safer to strike with all you have and get the hell out of dodge.

Spend time on the heavy bag, incorporate power training (kettlebells are great for this), learn to hit from any angle with all your natural weapons (hammer fist, palm, knuckles, forearms, elbows etc..)with no wind up and full hip and body involvement. Train to strike from compromised positions where you have no space to swing, no leverage from your legs or one limb disabled.

And train to be accurate and relentless.

Wild Geese
any cause but our own

May Control & Restraint Course now taking bookings

If you work in the security or Law Enforcement industries you will from time to time have to get hands on and physical with some very uncooperative people.

The Wild Geese Control and Restraint course addresses this.
Learn simple, easy to retain and real world effective joint locks, pain compliance, takedowns and weapon disarms.

There is no fluff or BS, the classes are informal, the information is relevant, tried and tested and questions are encouraged.

The course runs from 12noon to 1430 on the 11th, 18th & 25th May. €100/person.

We require a 10% deposit by Fri 25th April to hold your place.

Call (087 672 6090) or email

Don’t forget the upcoming Steve Tappin seminar, if your interested in control and restraint, work in the Security industry or just enjoy practical martial arts, you’ll benefit greatly from this man.
Expect to learn how to deal with edged weapons, blade awareness and practical self protection tactics, all from a man who is in great demand throughout Europe to instruct elite Police units and security agencies.

More info on the seminar click here, or to visit Steve Tappin’s Homepage click here

Wild Geese
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