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Kettlebell Foundation Workshop

All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation


Kettlebell Foundation Workshop
Jason Kelly

Sat 25th Oct at 13:00hrs
At the
Wild Geese Martial Arts Academy,
14-16 Magennis Place, Dublin 2 (map)

€60 / £45 per head
The course will focus on Competition lifts & sports specific exercises for the combat athlete.
All done a base foundational level
Wild Geese
every cause but our own

New Wild Geese Martial Arts Website

A new version of the site went live today, it’s still far from finished, but I’d appreciate it if you would pop over and have a look.

As we are now the proud leaseholders of The Martial Arts Academy (14-16 Magennis Place, Pearse St, Dublin 2), I thought our site should reflect that, so while some of the info on the previous site is missing (it will be back) it gives a better overview of the academy as a whole not just on what Paul and I are doing.

I do, of course, look forward to hearing criticisms/comments/questions and suggestions with regards to the new site and it’s content.



Wild Geese
any cause but our own

The Animals are Taking Over the Farm

A bombshell was dropped on us a week ago.

We were told that the Martial Arts Academy was closing, with only seven days notice. The Wild Geese were to be homeless.

However it’s not all bad. We have been talking to the Landlady and she has agreed that we can take over the Academy until the planning permission is approved, that may not happen for some time to come. Paul is now the main man at the Academy.

Paul and I are in discussion over the class schedule and the services we will provide. So far it looks like this:

Mon 6.30 – 8pm Kenpo, 8pm-10pm Iaiado
Tue 6.30 – 8pm Kenpo, 8pm – 10pm Kickboxing
Wed 6.30 – 8pm Doce Pares Eskrima, not sure about the wednesay sparring class at the moment. 8pm-10pm 5 Ancestor Fist Kung Fu
Thurs 6.30 – 8pm Kenpo, 8pm – 10pm Kickboxing
Fri 6.30 – 8pm Kenpo, Doce Pares Eskrima
Sat 12-2pm Kenpo
Sun 6.30-8pm Doce Pares Eskrima

As you can see there are no real changes for the moment other than the lunchtime classes have been dropped.

We are also adding in private classes and personal training, in kenpo/eskrima/fitness & strength training.

I will be posting updates here and will have a schedule up on

Wild Geese
any cause but our own

Wild Geese @ The Martial Arts Academy

Wild Geese Martial Arts and our newer Personal Training and fitness wing will now be operating full time out of Dublin’s Martial Arts Academy.

At the academy we run regular Filipino Martial Arts, Anti Stab knife defence and Control & Restraint classes and courses.

We also have a selection of basic strength equipment, Barbells, plate loaded dumbells, a selection of kettlebells as well as some of the best conditioning tools ever invented, skipping ropes and punchbags.

So if you fancy training in a non conventional gym under the watchful eye of a qualified and experienced trainer using the types of methods used by fighters and old time strong men to forge physiques like stone and near legendary conditioning levels.

We offer Personal Training, Semi Private training and Supervised training.
Personal Training – You, Me and your personalised program, be it Martial Arts, Self defence, strength, weight loss and fitness. This runs at €50/hr
Semi Private – Bring a friend, up to a maximum of 6. You will then help and hinder each other to accelerate the results in the field you choose, strength, fitness or fighting. We charge €70/hr for the first 2 people with an extra €10 per person up to a max of 6.
Supervised Training – Come in and do your own training under our watchful eye for a nominal fee. Simply €10/hr or €50 per month.

You may combine packages to suit, and if you block pay for classes you can use them as you wish.
For example pay €100 and get 1 hr personal training and 1 month supervised training
Pay €100 and get 1 month supervised training and jump into 5 scheduled Wild Geese Martial Arts classes

For a map to our location click here:

We are number 19. Alternatively visit our websites listed below.


Wild Geese
any cause but our own