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Garda Stabbed in the execution of his Duty

Read this:

Reading things like this annoy the crap out of me. I know the papers only tell you half the story, but lets take the report as being 100% accurate.

1) Where was the training,
Even though the guy was armed with a knife and had caused injury to the first garda, the second garda should have had the training to wade in and disable the attacker quickly, if i make the assumption that Garda no 1 and the attacker were in the bath as garda no 2 arrived, no 2 would have had valuable seconds to make a decision. Anybody that has been involved in any confict situation knows full well that training takes over at this point.
I know that the Irish Police force (Gardai) receive no such training (or very little) so time was wasted, meaning that Garda no 1 was stabbed repeatedly.

2) The knife man was held down put not prevented from wielding his blade,
Again training, knife disarms are difficult and risky, however there are times and place when attempting a disarm is necessary. Watching your mate getting punctured is one of them.
Failing a disarm (and in order to secure a disarm) some form of restraint should be applied, ideally to the knife wielding arm, thee are too many joint locks and holds to list here, however it doesn’t take long to show, teach and practice the methods to attack a wrist, elbow or shoulder.
There of course is the option of just going for a knock out either by striking or Choke, the Garda, according to the article only held the guy down with one hand.

3) The Garda felt the need to use his PHONE to call for assistance,
Now come on! Is that just bollocks or what? In a serious encounter like this one Time is an enemy, every second counts. So what should take longer, pressing a button on the radio handset or fishing around for your phone, unlocking the keypad and dialling(even speed dialling). Enough said, except for why do the Irish Gadai (it’s not the first time I’ve heard this) feel that they are better of phoning the station on their mobiles rather than using their radio?

Now, while I admit I wasn’t there so I’m in no position to say whether the lads actions were right or wrong. They both survived a knife attack, and I hope they have fully recovered and continue with their lives with no ill effects.

I want to make it quite clear it is the system that is meant to support them has in fact let them down. I heard a comment from a trainee gard recently, he said “Unfortunately there are alot of people that are still very relaxed about their own personal safety”. This was about his fellow students and presumably instructors when he contacted me about training.

Why does the state feel justified putting officers on the streets in a world of increasing levels of violence and not properly preparing them for it.

i would like to hear some of your opinions. Let me know.

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