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Our Intrepid Judo Coach does it again!

He’s the greatest, He’s fantastic,
Wherever there’s danger he’ll be there

He’s the ace, He’s amazing, He’s the strongest he’s the quickest he’s the best

Donal Tannam, Donal Tannam, DONAL TANNAM

He’s the greatest, He’s fantastic,
Wherever there’s danger he’ll be there

He’s the ace, He’s amazing,
He’s the strongest he’s the quickest he’s the best
Danger Mouse

He’s terrific, He’s magnific,
He’s the greatest Judo Coach in the world

Donal Tannam, Power House

He’s the fastest he’s the greatest he’s the best

Donal Tannam, Donal Tannam, DONAL
Our intrepid Judo Coach has been at it again, there is no stopping this man!
He’s currently over in Canada at the World Masters Tournament representing Ireland.
He has picked up:
3rd in his weight category
3rd in the Ne Waza (Ground work)
5th in the Open Weight
and helped the Irish Squad place 3rd overall.
He took part in 14 fights over three days and collected 30 points that will go towards earning his 5th Degree Black belt.
He will be back at Wild Geese with his unique teaching style next week with the junior classes kicking of on Tuesday the 7th and the Adults the following day.
While looking at the results above, it may seem a little intimidating to come and train under this man, but believe me when I say, he’s an absolute gentleman and to think his slight stature, humble nature and soft voice hides behind it the technique and grace to place fifth in the open weight against much larger opponents is amazing.
His acheivements imply an animal of a man, his actual nature and presence is far, far softer.
Donal Tannam is Danger Mouse
(I think, he’s going to kick my arse after reading this….)
Congrats Coach, see you next week.

BJJ & Kettlebells now avaiable on Saturdays

Due to the high demand for the Brazilian JuJitsu and Kettlebell fitness classes on offer at our Dublin HQ, we are expanding our class schedule.
We have added more classes to the Saturday afternoons so it now looks like this:

10:30am – 12:30pm Iaido

12:30pm – 1:30pm Kettlebell Beginners

12:30pm – 2:30pm Muay Thai

1:30pm – 2:30pm Kettlebell Inter / Adv

2:30pm – 4:00pm Brazilian Jujitsu

4:00pm – 6:00pm Kickboxing (invitation only)

Abnel from the Morceago fight team, our Brazilian jujitsu instructors has also suggested that he and Andre, would like to hold an extra class during the week that will only be open to a few handpicked individuals. A closed door session for their fighters, this will not be advertised, if you wish to attend these special training sessions, you’d better ensure that you are attending the regular classes, amking consistent improvement and doing some extra training outside of the BJJ class.

What extra training?

Take advantage of our Dave’s.

Dave G is our Muay Thai coach, he does all his own training in Thailand where he spends several months a year. Muay Thai and BJJ go hand in hand in the ever popular mixed martial arts, Wild Geese are blessed to have top coaches in both arts under one roof.

Dave H is our conditioning specialist, currently training himself for the Irish Kettlebell lifting championships in Kilkenny in July, he has brought many an athlete and combatant up from average to exceptional by improving
their athleticism, strength and endurance.

Another option, and one that has already been taken by Andre, the BJJ coach, join the judo class. I often hear how wrestling is the missing link in many an MMA fighters chain. You may have great striking and amazing submissions, but that middle ground, the devastating takedowns could be the deciding factor.

A good Judo takedown is poetry in motion, the opponent seemingly helpless as he goes from standing to slamming into the mat and the whole time you are in control, deciding where he will land and how you will finish in a control position. There is no guess work in Judo, quite often the opponent doesn’t even realise a technique is being applied until it is too late.

For a dedicated MMA athlete we can offer a full package, each range of combat plus the strength & conditioning to last a fight.

Think you’re man enough?

Wild Geese

Munster Open Judo Results

Munster Open Judo Results:

Without Wild Geese Judo trying to take any credit whatsoever it is our pleasant duty to congratulate occasional visitor Paul Cummins UCD for taking Gold, Silver and Bronze, recent visitor James King UCD and first-time competitor for taking Silver, and very very faithful visitor Michael McKenna UCD for taking Bronze and Silver.

Brian Donoghue Portmarnock and recent visitor performed well but missed out on the medals table.

Lisa, the daughter & student of your venerable coach, took Gold and will be training on Sunday in the brand new 4:00 pm junior class.

Well done all!

Donal Tannam

Wild Geese

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Quick Update

A couple of quick updates for you:

  1. Judo is now being taught every Wed (8pm) and Friday (6.30pm).
    Top judo coach Mr Donal Tannam 3rd Dan of the Daigokan school has recently joined our team, please drop in and experience what is possibly the ultimate wrestling art taught by one of the countries top players.
    Donal is pictured here taking 2nd place in the British Masters
  2. Wild Geese Training T Shirts are back in stock
    Put on your Christmas lists kids, we have small, med and large and for the first time we have women’s skinny tee’s, which are white. They’re only €12 each and are top quality (Head coaches Paul and Dave have thoroughly road tested them, Paul really likes the skinny tee’s….)
  3. Tuesdays Beginner Kettlebell sessions are currently sold out – we hope to rectify this soon.
  4. We are expecting samples coming in of Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Hoodies and Shin guards, if they are up to scratch expect a full line of training kit available by Christmas. We will operate a two tier price scheme where our club members get the best price and we charge Joe public a small fortune……
  5. Wild Geese conditioning Coach will be launching lunchtime fitness classes. If you’ve tried the kettlebell fitness sessions, you kinda know what to expect.
    He plans on running an open session, 30 minute workouts will be posted on the wall, you just turn up, get it done and get out, all under his watchful and beady eye…. This ought to up and running by the end of this month, keep an eye open here for more details.
  6. The Wild Geese Xmas party will take place in January, this means you can get your boring work parties out the way and have something to look forward to in the new year.
  7. Our graphics people are designing up Christmas gift vouchers – Give them to someone you think will benefit from them (even if it yourself, we won’t tell anyone…)
  8. I mentioned Christmas 4 times in this post and it’s not even December yet, I hang my head in shame – Sorry

Ok, I know I said a couple, but I thought 8 was better value for money….

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