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Workshop cancelled – but we got a good excuse!

A quick heads up,

The Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Lifting workshops scheduled for this weekend are cancelled.
Dave’s wife is fast approaching the end of her pregnancy, so will not be holding any workshops for the next few weeks.

Saying that, the eBooks that you would have received by attending are available from the Shop page ata reduced rate of €5.99 each. They contain the exact content taught, with the same level of detail. Each lift is broken down into maneagable chunks and illustrated with some excellent photography.
Check them out here:

Level 1 – The Basics – Swing / Squat / Snatch

Foundation level lifting ideal for Beginners and those working with beginners.

Click the image for more details.

Level 2 – The Core – Turkish Get Up / Clean / Push Press

Building on the foundation with more detail on the Swing and introducing the finest core training drill you’ll ever come across, the Turkish Get Up

Click the image for more details.

Kettlebell workshops, Levels 3 and 4 – Sun 8th

Wild Geese conditioning coach and kettlebell instructor, Dave Hedges will be running his Kettlebell workshops, levels 3 & 4 on Sunday 8th April.

These workshops are not suitable for beginners, but are ideal for those with some experience of kettlebell lifting but want to take their training to the next level. The workshops are also proving to be popular with those who have realised that their weekend instructor certification has left them ill prepared to actually teach the kettlebell lifts.

In these workshops we will cover:

Level 3 – The Classical Lifts: Snatch & Jerk
These are the most technical and the most effective exercises possible. These two lifts form the kettlebell biathlon seen in the sport of kettlebell lifting.
Outside of the sport, these can and should be incorporated into anyone’s program. The snatch develops the entire posterior chain and develops serious hip power. The jerk teaches you to transfer power from the ground to over head, it is a must for any combat athlete as well as an incredible full body conditioner for everyone else.
Here’s what the Clean & Jerk looks like:

Level 4 – Double Kettlebell Lifting: Long cycle and more
Working with a single bell is great, but for real results we have to double up. this workshop is very much a review of the previous three. Each lift that was learned along the way is revisited but this time with a pair of kettles.
Extra attention is given to the third lift found in Kettlebell sports, and possibly the ultimate training drill, the Long Cycle or Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerk

Participants of the workshops will receive a follow up manual covering all the same information found in the workshops. These will be sent out via email afterwards.
The Levels 1 and 2 manuals are currently available on our shop page at a special offer price of €5.99 (normal price €12.99)
Click here to get yours.

Book early for the workshops to guarantee your place.


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