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Your Chance to Train with A World Renowned Strength Coach

You have to have been living under a rock to not have heard about the value of kettlebell training for martial arts.

If you train at Wild Geese Martial Arts, you’ll be familiar with the extensive set of kettles behind the squat rack at the end of the room. You should also be aware of Coach Dave Hedges, WGMA’s resident Strength & Conditioning coach who is always willing to help out our competitive fighters by using these tools.

You may not know that Dave has a coach he learns from.

A man who is also an accomplished martial artist, who knows the body, is known for incredible feats of strength, power and mobility.

A man that BJJ legend Xande Ribiero has recently hired to prepare for his next BJJ cometition.

A man who will be in Wild Geese next month to run a short workshop on his training methods.

Who are we talking about?

Non other than Steve Cotter.


Here’s a video clip of his presenting some of his methods:

And here’s a clip of him and his business partner, Ken Blackburn teaching a workshop. Jumo to 3min 20s to see Steve really show off!

There’s a reason he’s one of the worlds most popular and sought after coaches.

Tickets are on sale now for May 21st in Wild Geese.

Get yours

Eventbrite - Steve Cotter Dublin Workshop

Wild Geese.

Strength Training & Injury Prevention Seminar

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, it’s popularity has spawned hundreds of MMA clubs, each churning out potential fighters.

But are these fighters really ready?

Training for MMA is a new art, few coaches really have the answers. This is reflected in the rate of injury we see amongst the more experienced MMA athletes.
Knees, shoulders, backs, all damaged. Need this be the case?

Is this the future for all who take up this excellent sport?
Are all MMA fighters destined to be crippled with injury?

We believe this does not have to be the case. Fighters and coaches just need the right tools in their tool box to help prepare bodies to become resistant and resilient to the rigours of the sport. And on September 24th, we aim to provide these tools.

Wild Geese Martial Arts have lined up 4 great coaches, each with an excellent knowledge of the body and it’s workings to help provide some of this information.
We have:

  • Paul Cox
    Paul is the founder of Wild Geese, a martial artist and world champion in his own right. He currently defies the odds as he continues to train and make improvements despite a seriously arthritic hip. His doctors are befuddled at how he is able to walk, never mind Squat heavy barbells, kick heavy bags and practice takedowns in Judo.
    Paul says much of his success comes from the use of kettlebells. He will show how to keep the body strong and resilient, regardless of what happens to it.
  • Dave Hedges
    Co founder of Wild Geese, also a life long martial artist who has had his fair share of injuries. Dave has a huge knowledge of strength and conditioning techniques and hopes to show the difference between the Body Building style of training common in our gyms and an effective strength program for athletes.
    He’ll also teach some of the most effective bodyweight drills that can be used anywhere, without equipment, to forge a lean and powerful body.
  • Mark Sexton
    Mark is a Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Martial Artists and friend of Wild Geese. His insight into martial arts along with his insatiable thirst for knowledge has lead to Mark becoming one of the leading Physio’s in Ireland.
    He’s the first person we recommend when any of our members gets hurt.
    Mark will be talking about the body and how best to prevent and recuperate from injuries.
  • Anne Dempsey
    Strength and flexibility are two sides of the same coin, you can’t have one without the other and remain an athletic and an effective fighter.
    Anne is a yoga instructor with a unique teaching style. She blends Somatics, which are excellent for prehab and rehab, Pilates for core strength and Yoga for flexibility, all which she teaches and demonstrates without any of the wishy washy nonsense usually associated with the art.

All four instructors will be open for questions through the day.

What: Strength Training & Injury Prevention for MMA
Where: Wild Geese Martial Arts, Pearse St, Dublin2
When: Sat, September 24th. Time TBC
How Much: Prices to announced shortly
How to book: email, but do it soon, priority will be given to all who actively fight under the Wild Geese name, limited space is available for outside interest.

Wild Geese

Kettlebell workshops, Levels 3 and 4 – Sun 8th

Wild Geese conditioning coach and kettlebell instructor, Dave Hedges will be running his Kettlebell workshops, levels 3 & 4 on Sunday 8th April.

These workshops are not suitable for beginners, but are ideal for those with some experience of kettlebell lifting but want to take their training to the next level. The workshops are also proving to be popular with those who have realised that their weekend instructor certification has left them ill prepared to actually teach the kettlebell lifts.

In these workshops we will cover:

Level 3 – The Classical Lifts: Snatch & Jerk
These are the most technical and the most effective exercises possible. These two lifts form the kettlebell biathlon seen in the sport of kettlebell lifting.
Outside of the sport, these can and should be incorporated into anyone’s program. The snatch develops the entire posterior chain and develops serious hip power. The jerk teaches you to transfer power from the ground to over head, it is a must for any combat athlete as well as an incredible full body conditioner for everyone else.
Here’s what the Clean & Jerk looks like:

Level 4 – Double Kettlebell Lifting: Long cycle and more
Working with a single bell is great, but for real results we have to double up. this workshop is very much a review of the previous three. Each lift that was learned along the way is revisited but this time with a pair of kettles.
Extra attention is given to the third lift found in Kettlebell sports, and possibly the ultimate training drill, the Long Cycle or Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerk

Participants of the workshops will receive a follow up manual covering all the same information found in the workshops. These will be sent out via email afterwards.
The Levels 1 and 2 manuals are currently available on our shop page at a special offer price of €5.99 (normal price €12.99)
Click here to get yours.

Book early for the workshops to guarantee your place.


Wild Geese

NEW – Kettlebell manuals available

Did you know that Wild Geese is home to one of Ireland’s top kettlebell instructors?

Did you know that other instructors travel to Wild Geese to learn how to properly use and teach kettlebells.

Dave Hedges has carved a reputation for high quality hard training and top notch instruction in both his classes and workshops that he runs out of Wild Gees HQ.
Well now he has finally gotten round to writing his Kettlebell Manuals.

The manuals are a series of eBooks that cover the same information as taught in the Level 1 to 4 workshops.
Dave has just launched the Level 1 and Level 2 manuals, with 3 and 4 to follow soon.
The manuals are direct, to the point, detailed and completely free from BS and propaganda. This is about learning to lift and to train in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

In Level 1 you will learn:

  • Anatomy of a Kettlebell
  • Basic Joint Mobility
  • Deadlift & Romanian Deadlift
  • The Swing
  • Squatting with a Kettlebell
  • The Military Press
  • And More..
In Level 2 you will learn:
  • Refining the Swing
  • Breathing techniques
  • The Clean
  • The Push Press
  • The Turkish Get Up
  • and More..
If you’ve recently attended one of Dave’s workshops you will already have received a copy free of charge, but for those of you unable to attend the workshops, they are a fantastic alternative.
Here’s what Roseanne said:
“….The detailed manual handed out at the end was worth the price of the workshop (€30) by itself….”
For a limited time the eBooks will be available for €5.99 each, after that they will go up to the full price of €12.99.
For more info visit the shop page:
Wild Geese

The Best Kettlebell Lift for Fighters

Kettlebells, we just love them at Wild Geese.

Why do we love them? Because we are fighters, and that means we look for the most efficient technique for any given situation, we look for the most bang for the buck.

We know that a jumping cartwheel kick may look cool, but in a fight the good old fashioned rear cross is far more valuable to us.

We put that same philosophy into our training, and the most efficient tool we have come across to date is the Kettlebell, and the most efficient Kettlebell movement for our needs is the one arm clean & jerk.

The Clean & Jerk (or Long Cycle) involves swinging the bell from between the legs, up to the “Rack” position on the chest, then powering it overhead using the legs, back and finally the shoulder and arm.
It is a full body lift.

Done with a single bell will involve a whole heap of core stabilisation, far more effective at strengthening your midsection than any amount of sit ups. Driving one bell over head using the whole body is as close to a punching action as you’ll get while lifting weights.

Forget punching to the front with dumbbells, that trains the shoulders in the complete wrong manner, the jerk is actually better for developing a sharp snappy punch that just keeps on coming.

Taking the combat element away from our training, after all not everyone is a fighter, we are still left with one of the best full body conditioning drills. The One Arm Clean & Jerk uses every muscle in the body, and does so explosively. There are few other lifts that will ramp up your metabolism as high in a short space of time, so it is perfect for fat loss as well as strength and conditioning.

To learn this lift purely from a blog post is doable, but really you ought to find an instructor. You will also learn this lift on my Level 3 Kettlebell workshop. However, I have filmed the lift for you, even including a bit of slo-mo. Please remember, unless you have a foundation of swings and presses (as in the Level 1 workshop), there’s not much point in rushing ahead of your self and trying to perfect this lift.

3 Incredible Workshops

We have three great workshops lined up for you guys over the next few weeks.
Kettlebell Coach Dave Hedges will be running a Level 2 Kettlebell Lifting Workshop on Sunday 22nd August.
This will be from 12 noon to 2pm.
The workshop will centre on the Turkish Get Up, one of the all time great full body movements that develops great shoulder and core strength. We will also look at the 1 handed swing, the Clean and the Push Press.
This workshop is open to all, no experience is needed, although may be helpful.
Cost will be €20.

Trainee Yoga Instructor, Anne Dempsey, has agreed to come in and use us as guinea pigs.
Anne has studying yoga for some time and recently embarked on a very in depth Instructor training program. When offered the chance to practice her teaching skills on us, she jumped on the chance.
Martial Artists have used yoga and yoga like stretches and movement patterns to balance out their training for years. In the west, we’ve overlooked this softer side of training and as a result we suffer tight hips, knees and backs as well as an array of other injuries and problems.
Anne will help us add a little balance to our training, realigning the spine, opening the hips and resetting the body.
This will take place on the Saturday 21st August from 2- 4.30pm.
Anne will not be charging for this, but I’m sure everyone will show their appreciation with a donation.

And last but certainly not least:
Bill McGrath is finally on his way over.
Bill has 30+ years training in the martial arts specialising in Pekiti Tirsia Eskrima, he’s also had 20+ years as a law enforcement officer during which time some of those skills have been tested and applied in real world
Bill will be holidaying in Ireland for a few days and has kindly offered to drop into Wild Geese and teach some of his system.
This will take place on Tuesday 21st September from 6pm till 8pm.

As with the Yoga, Bill is not charging for this, he is training us for his own pleasure. Although again, I’m sure you’ll all donate on the day.
There will also be a debrief held in the local boozer afterwards.

If you wish to take part in any of the above events, drop us a line:
Phone: 087 672 6090

Bootcamp – Are you up for a challenge?

At the request of some of our fighters, Wild Geese conditioning coach will be running an early morning fitness Bootcamp.
This will run every Mon, Wed & Fri at 7am from Monday the 28th June for 4 weeks.

If you’ve ever stepped into a ring, or if you’ve ever watched a fight on television or from the ringside, you will appreciate the level of fitness training a fighter needs.
Vanity muscles and pump sets just don’t cut it when the going gets rough. A fighter must be able generate power over and over, no matter how long the fight goes on, they must continue, absorbing whatever the opponent throws at them while firing out powerful techniques of their own.

As soon as one fighter show fatigue, the fight is over.

This Bootcamp is aimed at developing that level of conditioning. The physical and mental ability to keep moving forward, to stay strong even under fatigue.

Over the 4 weeks you will use kettlebells, sandbags, bodyweight and other forms of resistance. You will do circuits, timed sets, heavy sets, full body moves and core oriented lifts. You will be built up over the first two weeks into a brutal third week, then tapered back down in the 4th, final week.
By the end, you will be stronger, more explosive, your conditioning will be at an all time high and your waistline, an all time low.

What are we charging for this?
€147,to be payed by the 25th June.
Regular Wild Geese members will receive a 33% discount.
The Wild Geese fighters with an upcoming bout will not be charged.
If you are a competitive athlete (combat athlete or otherwise), talk to us and we will cut you a deal.

This is not a military boot camp, I’ve never been in the military, and the chances are, neither have you.
This is a bootcamp for highly motivated individuals, willing to work for a goal.

Are you up for the challenge?

If so, drop us a line (087 672 6090,
If not, don’t



Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop – Lifting for Lia

On the 2nd Feb a group of fighters and fitness enthusiasts all gathered together at Wild Geese HQ for a Kettlebell Basics workshop.
It’s something I had been promising for a while, but as I’m so busy, often forget to arrange until too close to the date.
This time though it was different.
Our resident Kickboxing coach, Ronan McSweeny, had actually requested that I run a workshop as he’d seen me using them, had a go and thought, this could help his fighters.
So he put word out amongst his crew and then said “Dave, need to run a workshop”
Who am I to argue with the Irish, 4 Nations and World Full Contact belt title holder?
We set a date and I got to work.
The result was a cracking afternoon with attendance from a wide range of people, Kickboxers, Brazillian JuJitsu players, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, fitness enthusiasts and Donal, our intrepid Judo Coach.
There were one or two cancelled late on but have since paid up and one or two who handed over cash even though they knew they wouldn’t be in attendance.
Why would they do such a thing?
Because all the money raised on the day was to be donated to the Lia Stem Cell Fund (, I’ve written about this poor girl before, but please click the link, you’ll find a whole heap of info on fundraising events and even instructions on how to donate directly into the fund.
We raised a little over 200 on the day. Future workshops will raise even more.
But back to the day….
After a joint mobility warm up participants were taken in detail through the three foundation movements in kettlebell lifting, the Squat, the Swing and the Press.
Over a 2 hour period the gathered crowd learned, listened, asked questions and practiced these drills until each and every one of them had a thorough understanding of the hows and why’s of the methods taught.
This all culminated in a short workout using the same 3 moves.
I’ve since decided to call the workshop my Level 1. I will be expanding on this with further workshops until the participant has enough knowledge and experience under his or her belt to become a certified instructor.
Unlike any other certification I’ve seen, the completion of the workshop does not guarantee a pass. I will expect you to teach a seminar or class of beginners (including myself) before the title of Coach is bestowed upon you.
It is a title that can and will be rescinded if misrepresented.
At Wild Geese we take our reputation very seriously.
That said, I will be running another Level 1 workshop on the 7th March, between 12 and 2pm.
Cost will be 20 per head, all going into

To book your place email or phone Dave on 087 672 6090


Wild Geese
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Last Call for Steve Cotter’s Irish CKT


This is simply a reminder that world renowned Kettlebell coach and president of the IKFF, Mr Steve Cotter, will in Ireland on the 12 & 13 of this month.
This is the first time Steve will have been in Ireland and it makes me very proud to be allowed host the first Kettlebell Instructor certification of this calibre at the Wild Geese HQ, Dublin.
To guarantee your place please drop Kathy a line on Phone: 001888897IKFF or Email:

Alternatively visit

Here’s what to expect:

Level 1 – There are no prerequisites for this course, so attendance is open to anyone interested in learning Steve’s unique and multi-modal approach to kettlebell lifting. Regardless of your fitness goal, Steve will cover how kettlebell training can best fit your needs – general fitness, competitive sport, sports specific conditioning and more.

As a certification, we have 3 high level goals:

Mastery of the basics – You will learn all the fundamental kettlebell exercises, several variations and most importantly, the key physical training principles underlying and associated with each movement.

Coaching skills – In addition to learning how to take your own fitness to higher levels, you will learn how to coach others safely and effectively utilizing a process Steve has refined over several years and thousands of clients. We realize that a successful coach is more than just understanding fitness, it’s knowing how to teach it as well.

Business/Marketing skills – Although this certification is primarily about improving physical performance and coaching skills, it would not be complete without a module on how to effectively market yourself and grow your fitness based business.


Professionally Organized – Upon registering through our website,
( all registrants will receive a pre-certification e-manual. This will review the content of the course, timeline for the weekend (which modules are taught and at what time), preparation tips and more. We ensure our events are scheduled and organized in a manner that gives you the best return on your investment.

Learn By Doing format – Repetition is often said to be the mother of skill. Therefore, registrants will not only learn the mechanics and principles behind each exercise, they will also have an abundance of time to practice these movements and receive customized feedback from Steve and the IKFF team.

Post Certification Support – Our primary core value at the IKFF is member support. Thus, you will always have access to Steve and his team of advisors going forward in regard to any questions you may have. In addition, you will be listed on our website as an IKFF Certified Coach.
This will include name, e-mail, website, picture and bio. If a prospective client is interested in finding a coach in your area, they will find you!

Continued Education – We will continue to offer advanced level courses for our members. With the IKFF, you have an organization that will stay on the cutting edge and act as a consistently evolving resource for you and your clients.

09.30 til 17.00 hrs both days.

See you there

Dave Hedges

Wild Geese MMA Club

We just can’t deny it, MMA is the most popular form of martial arts available today. And like most things that get a surge of interest it is in danger of becoming a victim of it’s own success.
Everywhere you look there are MMA gyms and MMA instructors popping up out of nowhere. You local karate instructor suddenly starts teaching ground work, your self defence coach is teaching ground and pound. But where did they learn?
To this end we at Wild Geese have brought together some of the finest minds currently in Ireland, people who have proven track records and experience and we are making them available to you, the public. We have top Brazilian JuJitsu coach, Mariousz Domast, the only man in Europe to represent legendary BJJ coach Marcello C Monteiro (, former Polish national Judo team member and creator of too many chapions to count both back home in Poland and here in Ireland.
We have Phil Whyte & Ronan McSweeney both well known and respected in the Irish and European kickboxing circles.
We have Dave Hedges who is one of the few to hold an instructor certification from World kettlebell lifting champion Vasilly Gincko and has a long history of training Martial Artists and athletes with a variety of methods.
The three instructors ware available through the week to train you to become a highly conditioned and effective mixed martial artsist.

On Mondays, Mariousz will be teaching the finer points of the ground game, how to perform escapes and submissions and find advantage in any position from the floor. Brazillian JuJitsu is the foundation of MMA, without adequate grappling skills, you will never realise you full potential.
Tuesdays & Thursdays are your opportunity to train with fitness coach and martial artist, Dave Hedges. The tues (beginner) and Thurs (advanced) Kettlebell class will beef up your strength, explosiveness and cardio while stripping away unwanted extra weight. Many top names in the MMA scene have turned to kettlebells, now it’s your turn.
Wednesdays and Saturdays are the MMA days. You will work your stand up, cardio and groundwork on these days. Putting together the skills from Mondays, the strength & stamina from Tues/thurs and adding to it the Kickboxing and striking drills, ultimately putting it all together.

The MMA club will be priced differently to regular classes at the Wild Geese House of Strength, reflecting the dedication required to become a combat athlete.

  • 4 days/week (eg 2x MMA, 1xBJJ, 1xKBFitness) €80/month
  • 3 days/week (eg 1xMMA, 1x BJJ, 1x KBfitness) €70/month
  • 2 days/week (eg 1x BJJ, 1xMMA) €60/month

The class breakdowns are examples only, you may choose any combination from the MMA package. We suggest that you choose classes that will bring up your weaknesses, for example if you can box but keep getting choked out, emphasis the BJJ. If you are gassed after the first 10 minutes, emphasise the kettlebell. You have the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Should this pricing scheme proves popular we may change our whole pricing structure to match.

Wild Geese
+353 87 672 6090