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Bootcamp – Are you up for a challenge?

At the request of some of our fighters, Wild Geese conditioning coach will be running an early morning fitness Bootcamp.
This will run every Mon, Wed & Fri at 7am from Monday the 28th June for 4 weeks.

If you’ve ever stepped into a ring, or if you’ve ever watched a fight on television or from the ringside, you will appreciate the level of fitness training a fighter needs.
Vanity muscles and pump sets just don’t cut it when the going gets rough. A fighter must be able generate power over and over, no matter how long the fight goes on, they must continue, absorbing whatever the opponent throws at them while firing out powerful techniques of their own.

As soon as one fighter show fatigue, the fight is over.

This Bootcamp is aimed at developing that level of conditioning. The physical and mental ability to keep moving forward, to stay strong even under fatigue.

Over the 4 weeks you will use kettlebells, sandbags, bodyweight and other forms of resistance. You will do circuits, timed sets, heavy sets, full body moves and core oriented lifts. You will be built up over the first two weeks into a brutal third week, then tapered back down in the 4th, final week.
By the end, you will be stronger, more explosive, your conditioning will be at an all time high and your waistline, an all time low.

What are we charging for this?
€147,to be payed by the 25th June.
Regular Wild Geese members will receive a 33% discount.
The Wild Geese fighters with an upcoming bout will not be charged.
If you are a competitive athlete (combat athlete or otherwise), talk to us and we will cut you a deal.

This is not a military boot camp, I’ve never been in the military, and the chances are, neither have you.
This is a bootcamp for highly motivated individuals, willing to work for a goal.

Are you up for the challenge?

If so, drop us a line (087 672 6090,
If not, don’t



Training For Kettlebell Sport

Since myself and a few of my lads are entering the 1st ever Irish Kettlebell Sports competition down in Kilkenny I thought I’d keep you posted on my training over the next 10 weeks.

At the end of week ten, we will be competing.

If all goes to plan I’ll get good numbers on the day and this program has worked, if not, it won’t.

Over the years I’ve trained for a variety of things from Karate tournaments, Black Belt tests, Marathons, Half Marathons and simple goals such as adding a stone of muscle to my frame (that was a hard 7 months!!). Every time I’ve done well at the chosen event.

Kettlebell Sport is different, I’ve never faced something as brutally daunting as stepping up and trying to Jerk a pair of bells for as many reps as possible within a 10 minute timeframe, then have to step up again and snatch a bell as many times as possible, with only one hand switch.

Keep your eyes on this blog then and I’ll take you through my journey.

The goal, by the way, is to achieve a CMS by the World Kettlebell Club rankings. It’s a high bar, but hell, if you don’t shoot high, you might as well not shoot!

Training Day 1 – 17/5/10 – Jerks

Warm Up:
10 reps on: 12’s, 16’s, 24’s, 28’s, 28’s

Jerks (2 mins between sets)
24’s x 20 x 2
16’s x 30 x 1

1 arm Long Cycle 36kg
1 x 5 l/r

Sissy Squat (bells in rack position) 24’s x 70 x 1

Romanian Deadlift (RDL) 24’s x 70 x 1

Done – Felt good!

Training Day 2 – 18/5/10 – Snatch

Warm Up:
16kg Swings: 2h x 20, 1H x 20 l/r, HtH x 20

16kg x 15 minutes, change hands at will, fast pace.

Tuesdays are also the Combat Conditioning class, so later that day I joined in with them for 5 rounds of:
1 rep Deadlift (add weight each round)
5 Pull ups
10 Long cycle (24’s)
5 Walkouts

Slept that night!

Training Day 3 – 19/5/10 – Jerks

Warm Up:
10 reps of 16’s, 24’s,28’s
5 reps of 32’s

28’s x 10 x 2
24’s x 20 x 1

16’s x 40 x 1

Jump Squat (24kg held on back) 4 x 15.

All done with 2 min rest periods.

The squats got tough, but everything else went really well.

If I can find the USB cable for the camera (think my 18 month old son has nicked it!!) I’ll video some of the workouts for you.

Chat Later


31 ways to know you’re a TRULY dedicated trainer…

Two things, no sorry, bad start, 3 things for you in todays post!

1 – New Kettlebell Classes at Wild Geese HQ
I’ve been promising this for a while, but I’ve been tied up teaching a Self Defence course across town. The course is just finished, I had a blast with the guys and will miss them. Expect a report in the next newsletter, make sure you get over and subscribe to receive it. However, back to the point.
As of Next Saturday (22nd May) I will be open for Kettlebell Beginners 12.30pm- 1.30pm and Kettlebell Inter/Adv 1.30pm – 2.30pm

This will run every Saturday at the usual price.

2 – Kilkenny Kettlebell Club ( have organised a Girevoy Sport competition comprising of a Biathlon (Jerks & Snatch) and Strong man/Woman events. Myself and one or two of my gang will heading down to have a go. The competition will be under the World Kettlebell Club rules and rankings (

3 – There will be a Level III Kettlebell workshop on the 30th of this month at Wild Geese HQ. This covers the competition lifts, the Jerk and the Snatch.
This level is not open to beginners, but if you have some Kettlebell experience and wish to explore the classical lifts, this is for you. If you’re considering joining us in Kilkenny, this workshop could set you on your way to stepping up on the stage in 10 weeks time…..

And a bonus….

4 – Just to really over deliver in style this extra point is actually 31 points!!
this just arrived in my inbox last night before I shut the laptop down but it had me in stiches as I related to probably a few too many of the statements listed. I’ll hand over to one of my favourite authors in the Fitness industry, Nick “the mad scientist” Nilsson:

From Nick Nilsson

Author and Publisher of BetterU News

Ok, time for a little Friday afternoon funny business again (don’t get used to it, though, I’ll probably run out of material someday :).

So here we go…

1. If, on a job application, under “Previous Employment,” you’ve

   listed weight training and under “Hobbies” you’ve listed your

   actual previous employment.

2. If you’ve ever made yourself so sore that it either takes you

   a full minute to sit on the toilet or you have to fall down onto


3. If you’ve been banned from one or more all-you-can-eat buffet


4. If you’ve ever broken a bone and tried to “train around it.”

5. If you’re buying a home and the first thing you look for is

   where your training equipment will go…not how big the kitchen

   is or if there’s a furnace or running water indoor plumbing or

   anything secondary like that.

6. If you’ve ever mentally calculated the protein content of a

   piece of your own birthday cake.

7. If you’d vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger regardless of of his

   views, policies or even what he’s running for.

8. If everybody you know asks you to help them when they move

   because you can lift heavy things.

9. If Navy Seal training “looks like fun.”

10. If you’ve ever had to scratch your nose in the middle of a

    set and you’ve used the weight to scratch it.

11. If you’ve brought skinless chicken breasts to a rock concert

    instead of beer.

12. If you can remember your One Rep Max for 76 different

    exercises but you can’t remember your family and friends


13. You’ve kept an old vitamin bottle for 12 years because it

    “brings back memories.”

14. If your fridge has more than 6 cartons of eggs in it at any

    given time.

15. If, when you travel, you pack an extra bag just for your


16. If your marriage vows include the words “for better or for

    worse or for low-carb dieting.”

17. If your idea of a good leg workout is one where you work

    them so hard you can’t take two steps without falling down after

    a set and have to grab from machine to machine to get to the water


18. If you use the squat rack more for squats than you do for

    barbell curls.

19. If your spotter is yelling “It’s all you!” and it actually IS.

20. You do bicep curls with your grocery bags as you bring them in.

21. You mix tuna into your cereal to get more protein.

22. If you need to go to therapy if you miss two workouts in a row.

23. If the thought of lifting a car sounds perfectly reasonable to you.

24. If you’ve ever set a 45-pound plate on your lap and used it

    as a TV tray for eating dinner.

25. If you set your alarm to wake up in the middle of the night

    to drink a protein shake.

26. If you don’t even HAVE to set your alarm anymore to wake up

    in the middle of the night to drink a protein shake.

27. If you’ve ever wrapped the calorie counter on a cardio

    machine back around to zero.

28. If you’ve ever had to add extra weight to a machine because

    there’s just not enough weight on it for you.

29. You mix protein powder into your condiments.

30. If you’re regularly the very first, very last, or ONLY

    person in your gym.

31. If you’ve laughed at any single one of the items in this

    article because it describes you perfectly.


P.S. Just fyi, I regularly post stuff like this on my Facebook account (yeah, along with actual TRAINING information, too – really cool stuff actually…it’s where I tend to post my current “mad scientist” insanity) and on my YouTube channel and Twitter (ok, not so much on Twitter – I’m just not that “typey-talkative”, I guess)

So click these links below to check those out!


My YouTube Channel – Learn Unique, New Exercises here!

Find me on Facebook:

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BetterU, Inc., Box 342, Grayslake, IL 60030, United States

 Chat soon


Updated Workshop Dates

This is just a quick heads up.

The level 2 workshop mentioned in the last post has been moved forward a week, it will now take place on the 9th May.

Other dates as follows:

18 April – Level 1 (thats this sunday, there are still two spots left)
9 May – Level 2, now taking bookings
30 May – Level 3, open to those who have completed a Level two.
13 June – Level 1

Future workshops are being planned around the country.
If your interested in hosting a workshop at your gym/facility, please contact us


Dave Hedges

Becoming a Kettlebell Coach

Yet again the question of becoming a kettlebell instructor has been raised.

In a previous post I made clear of my position on the whole certification process that is currently in vogue.
It seems, as far as I can see, any man and his dog may pay the requisite amount of cash, survive a beasting and walk away calling themselves an instructor. These “courses” are largely unregulated and as such there is no minimum standard on the entry requirement, or indeed the exit requirement.

The result, a huge amount of muppets walking around calling themselves an Instructor, but without the expertise that can only be gained by spending time under the Iron.

There are exceptions to the rule, Steve Cotter’s IKFF CKT is a tough ask, not only in the detail covered but also in the physical ability to perform the lifts. Pavel’s RKC is also a testing course, although I’ve never done it personally, but I have read their entry requirements (and tried them out), there’s no ay a newcomer would pass them.

So in designing my own certification process, I’ve had to think long and hard. To be fair, I’m still not finished tweaking it. But I am now going to lay out what I expect from a student before I’ll allow them to use the Wild Geese name to advertise themselves as a coach.

To pass the certification process, I expect each participant to teach either a class or workshop. Not their own class, oh no, one of mine.

And yes, I may plant spies in the group. Students that are very experienced and operating under instruction to test the instructor to their limit.
So not only is technical knowledge required, but teaching skill will be tested.

For those of you new to kettlebelling, I recommend you go elsewhere to get certified, there is a damn good chance I will fail you. Go on some one elses weekend instructor program and your almost guaranteed a pass. Come on mine, it’s a longer commitment, and you still might fail.

To gain the required technical knowledge, and even to pick up the various teaching techniques and cues, I run a series of workshops.
As I grew up in Martial Arts, these workshops have been given coloured grades:

· Level 1 – White – Swing, Squat, Press, Power Breathing
This is the absolute basic level, no knowledge of weight training is assumed before taking this workshop so it is open to absolute beginners. More experienced lifters can use this workshop to review technique and pick up on the teaching cues necessary to train an absolute beginner.

· Level 2 – Blue – One Hand Swing, Clean, Push Press & Turkish Get Up
Building on Level One you will see advancements on the techniques previously learned as well as taking in two new drills, the Clean and the Turkish Get Up. While having done the level one (White) is not strictly necessary, novice lifters may struggle without it. Again, the focus is on detail and ensuring participants leave with a thorough understanding of the content.

· Level 3 – Purple – Jerks, Snatch, Long Cycle, Anatomical Breathing & Timed Sets
These are the classical lifts which differentiate Kettlebell lifting from other forms of strength training. A Level 3 (Purple) participant will need to have a background in strength training, and will have one the Level 2 (Blue) workshop. This is not open to novices.

· Level 4 – Brown – Doubles
This level is a recap of previous information, and as such is only open to those who have experience, ideally having completed all previous levels. For the Level 4 (Brown) participants will review the basic strength and conditioning lifts of levels 1 & 2 as well as the classic lifts of level 3, only using a pair of bells. A greater focus will be given to the Classic lifts as these are the more technical and are the most difficult to master. It is recommended that potential instructor revisit this Level more than once.

· Level 5 – Black
This level is still under construction. The simple reason is that while there is plenty more to teach, this is the final stage before a participant can apply for the instructor certification. During the Level 5 (Black) workshop I expect participants to be interactive, arriving to the workshop with questions, as well as learning variations on past drills. I am resisting the idea of setting a defined syllabus for this level, preferring instead to have a rough plan that can bend and flex according to the gathered participants.

Upon completion of Levels 1 – 4 a participant will have all the tools in their arsenal to build any Kettlebell training program, they should have a deep understanding on each and every lift covered as well as the desired result of performing that lift.
Level 5 is the equivalent of the Martial Arts Black Belt. In other words it shows that the Lifter has a mastery of the basics, now is the time for them to go out and find their own way in the world of Kettlebell lifting. This could be instructing, competing in Girevoy Sport or turning to shows or strength, the choice is in the hands of the participant.
One thing that will remain consistent is that each participant must show constant improvement, if they attend a level 4, but can’t do techniques from a level 2, they will fail.

If becoming an instructor is on the cards then this is what you will have to do:

You will have reach the Level 5 or Black Bell status, so you ought to know the basics inside out, yet always be looking to build on what you know and deepen your understanding. It is now you may apply to become an instructor.
This is will be a two part exam.

1. You will be invited to teach either two of my regular classes or either a level 1 or level 2 workshop.
Your performance here will be monitored closely, your ability to guide the students, pick up and correct errors and keep everyone involved motivated to perform.

2. You will be spot quizzed, asked about program development, mobility, assistance work, breathing techniques and more. This quiz will be changed on an irregular basis, but the knowledge and understanding required to pass it wont.

If you have survived this far, and demonstrated the attitude and aptitude required to teach, you will be granted the status of Wild Geese Kettlebell Coach.
But do not rest on your laurels, as you will be using our name, we expect a standard of quality to be maintained, failure to do so will result in the title being removed.

All in all, I expect very few to take the challenge of becoming a Wild Geese Kettlebell Coach, most preferring to take a much easier route of a mere weekend course complete with a guaranteed pass. Plus there’s always the chance that you may just fail.

If you wish to become a coach, or are just looking to learn the art of Kettlebell lifting the dates for upcoming workshops are as follows:

White Bell (level 1) – 18/4/10, 13/6/10
Blue Bell (Level 2) – 16/5/10

More will be announced shortly, plus you may arrange to host one or more workshops at your own facility.



Last Night’s Kettlebell Class, Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop and a New eBook

Lots happening here at WG HQ.

Don’t really know where to begin.

So lets start with last night’s Kettlebell Fitness class and work backwards….

The gang last night all came in fresh from whatever they got up to over Paddy’s day. I informed them that today will be snatch day. Due to my own shoulder injury, I’ve avoided snatching for the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t had my class doing it either.
That was all about to change.

I decided to do a short “RKC” style snatch test. 5 minutes, change hands as often as you like.
I told the lads that they had a minimun 16kg limit and glared hard at the experienced lads untill they put the 16’s back in the rack and took out heavier….

Every one of them got near the 100 reps mark, some just below others way over. Even the newer people in the group were getting 90+
Over the coming weeks and months as their form improves I’d expect to see them hit 100+ then step up to a heavier bell.

We then hit the front squats using the ladder protocol.
All in a great session.

How are my injuries today?
Fantastic, I feel great.

Yeah the shoulder is a little tight, the old injuries in the low back seem to be relaxing again, and all is well.

So that was just yesterday!

In other news, there will be  a Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop on the 28th March, 12-2pm.
As with the previous two Level 1’s, the money will be donated to the Lia Stem Cell Fund.

What is covered in the Level 2?
We introduce one of the finest full body conditioners I’ve ever come across, the Turkish Get Up. This is a must for any fighter, it stabalises the shoulder, strenghens the entire core and moves nearly every joint in the body while under load. A real corker.

You will also advance on the Swing and Press that was learned in Level 1. These will be brought into the Push Press and the Clean.

So by the time you have completed the Level 2, you will be proficient in the following:

Front Squat
Strict Press
Push Press
Turkish Get Up

All with a single kettlebell.

With those movements alone you can forge a phenonemal physique as well as take your athletic performance to a whole new level!
I am also just about to start work on the accompanying workshop manuals. These will take a little time as I’m still putting the finishing touches to a different project named 1 Exercise Fat Loss and Conditioning.

“1 Exercise” is a new eBook that I’ve been working on, it’s currently being proof read by a few of my peers, hopefully I’ll have it up for sale on the site this time next week.

Whats special about “1 Exercise”?
It answers probably the most common question I get asked:

“Whats the best exercise for loosing this?” asked as the questioner pats their belly.

When I answer I always get one of two reactions
1 – A blank look, or
2 – Shock and horror

Number 2 is my favorite.

So I sat down and wrote out a manual on what I consider to be the best exercise for fat loss. It just also happens to be the best conditioning exercise for my combat athletes.

And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter untill I get it back from the proof readers…

Untill next time


Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop – The Core Lifts

Since the success of the last two Level 1 kettlebell lifting workshops, we are pleased to announce the 1st of the Level 2 workshops.
This will advance on the knowledge and skills gained in the level 1:
  • You will take the swing from 2 handed to 1 handed and then into the Kettlebell Clean.
  • You will take the Kettlebell Press into a Push Press.
  • This will then be cemented in place by a short workout using the Clean & Push Press.
You will also learn one of the most beneficial lifts of any style of training:
The Turkish Get Up.
All the lifts on the level 2 will strongly work the core, developing a strong and resilient midsection. Strengthening the core is vital to developing strength and power in other areas.
As with the previous workshops the money will be donated to
I’ve recently been told that Lia has turned 5years old and has beaten the odds again at Crumlin Childrens Hospital.
The workshop is open to everyone who has completed the Level 1 course, or those who have a grounding in Kettlebells and wish to improve their technique.
See you on March 28th, 12 noon.

How do you become a Kettlebell Instructor?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently asking how to go about becoming a Kettlebell instructor.

With the meteoric rise in popularity of the kettlebell over the last few years, this is hardly surprising. After all, it can become a nice little earner if your savvy.

However, this should not be your only motivation for wanting to become an instructor.

I know, many of you out there are looking to update their REPs points or gain Continuing Education credits, in order to do this there many weekend courses for you to attend. However, doing a weekend in something DOES NOT make you qualified to teach that something.

Especially in the fitness industry.

There are weekend courses out there that will give you not only the REPs points but will also give you the title of Instructor in any number of aspects in the fitness industry. Some, I can understand, they are small topics that serve as an adjunct to what you (should) already know.

Others, absolutely not.

There is one company that markets quite heavily and offers weekend courses in Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell lifting and Boxing. In my eyes this is ridiculous.

Unless you have years of experience with these skill sets, how can you possibly hope to teach them?
How can you spot the technical mistakes, the details that make these specialities special?

So whenever I’m asked how to become a Kettlebell coach I answer the same way, “Train long and hard with kettlebells first!”

If you don’t you’ll end up a mockery just like that Jillian woman in my last post.

There are two people in Dublin who I know are teaching Kettlebells, they may even have done an “instructors” course, but I know for a fact that they do not have experience with the bells. This makes them dangerous.
(I’m sure that there are more than these two, but I know of these for a fact. And no, I’ll not mention any names)

If you take a look at the Wild Geese class schedule, you’ll see that the monday class is marked as an advanced session. This is because it is taught by Paul Cox, a man whose Instructional experience goes back to 1988, over 20 years.

Does he feel that after 20 years training folk, he no longer feels the need to deal with beginners?


He refuses to teach beginners because he holds no certification in Kettlebell lifting. He refuses to teach anyone that hasn’t already been trained in the basics.
Paul was the only person I showed the Kettlebell techniques to after I first started to use them in my own training, long before I began teaching publically. He took to them extremely naturally, as you’d expect from a multiple Black Belt holder.
Yet, he still doesn’t feel knowledgable enough to teach.

Give him a barbell and he’ll show anyone.
But not Kettlebells, even though I keep telling him that he’s more than good enough.

Yet idiots like that Jillian woman, the biggest looser, will happily go on YouTube demonstrating crap technique in the basics and finish with something ridiculously dangerous.

The difference between Wild Geese Paul and Biggest Looser Jillian can be summed up in one word.


Most instructors these days have none.

They are more interested in lining their wallets then they are in your health.

So with all that said I am going to offer you the opportunity to become a Certified Wild Geese Kettlebell Coach. I’ll spend some time thinking of some catchy title, like CKT or RKC or something, just because that’s what people like.

Like the CKT that the IKFF run or the RKC that Dragon Door run, there will be a minimum standard.
Unlike any other Kettlebell certification that I know of, it will require you to actually teach.
Throughout the course of this year I will be running workshops, levels 1 to 5. By the end of the 5 workshops you will know your way around a kettlebell.
The workshops are spread out, so that if you attend a level 3 but your level 2 skills haven’t improved since I last saw you, you will fail, automatically. No questions, no refunds.

This is very much in the same vein as my Martial Arts upbringing. In fact my own coach, Steve Cotter calls Kettlebell lifting, the “Martial Art of Strength training.” My own attitude is no different.

After the completion of all 5 workshops, you should be ready to think about becoming a coach. you may then apply for your Instructor certification.

This will be a test of your ability to teach either my Tuesday Kettlebell beginners class, or teach both a level 1 and level 2 workshop.

The workshops will be run at the Wild Geese HQ in Dublin 2, or if you have your own club/facility I can come out to you and run workshops there.
Obviously if I’m to travel to your club we can combine the workshops to make longer day.

So, how do I become a Kettlebell instructor?

Train long and hard with Kettlebells, then give me a call.


Question Everything

A friend of mine over in Scotland just posted a link on his facebook page.

Normally Rannoch is pretty reliable, his Simple Strength site reflects his attitude to life and training. So when he posts a link to a vid clip you know it’s going to be worth a look.

This one was a corker!

All he said is “Watch at 2:19…this is priceless…”
So for your entertainment I’m including the vid below.

But before you watch it, I need you to remember one thing….Question Everything.

My son is just learning to talk and already i’m dreading the day he starts with the “Why is the?”, “But, Why?”, “why?”

You know the ones, endless questions of why this and why that. But in reality it’s not such a bad thing. After all if you watch the clip without a question in your mind, you’ll certainly be answering some down at the physio clinic.
The trainer in the clip, I’ve been reliably informed is the coach on TV’s the Biggest Looser.
Have a look and as Rannoch says, check out 2:19


Did you see it?
That last “special move” I mean c’mon. If ever there was an injury waiting to happen, thats it right there.

If you’re interested in learning how to perform the Kettlebell Swing right, please ignore this video and instead come along to a qualified kettlebell coach.
I’ll be running a Level 1 Kettlebell workshop at the Dublin HQ on March 7th.

All proceeds going to charity, so book now by emailing
Level 1 covers the Swing, Squat and Press, all with a single bell. And by the end of it you’ll be moving safer and more effectively than the dipstick in the clip.

Or If you’re in Scotland, is the place to go.

In the meantime here’s a simple kettlebell workout for those of you not tempted by the hollywood spine trasher:

Perform as a complex (ie do all reps of each drill without putting the bell down)
1 – 1 Hand Swing x 10
2 – Clean / Front Squat / Press x 10
3 – Reverse Lunge x 10

Immediately repeat in the other hand
To as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.


‘cos I said so, now get on with it….



Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop – Lifting for Lia

On the 2nd Feb a group of fighters and fitness enthusiasts all gathered together at Wild Geese HQ for a Kettlebell Basics workshop.
It’s something I had been promising for a while, but as I’m so busy, often forget to arrange until too close to the date.
This time though it was different.
Our resident Kickboxing coach, Ronan McSweeny, had actually requested that I run a workshop as he’d seen me using them, had a go and thought, this could help his fighters.
So he put word out amongst his crew and then said “Dave, need to run a workshop”
Who am I to argue with the Irish, 4 Nations and World Full Contact belt title holder?
We set a date and I got to work.
The result was a cracking afternoon with attendance from a wide range of people, Kickboxers, Brazillian JuJitsu players, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, fitness enthusiasts and Donal, our intrepid Judo Coach.
There were one or two cancelled late on but have since paid up and one or two who handed over cash even though they knew they wouldn’t be in attendance.
Why would they do such a thing?
Because all the money raised on the day was to be donated to the Lia Stem Cell Fund (, I’ve written about this poor girl before, but please click the link, you’ll find a whole heap of info on fundraising events and even instructions on how to donate directly into the fund.
We raised a little over 200 on the day. Future workshops will raise even more.
But back to the day….
After a joint mobility warm up participants were taken in detail through the three foundation movements in kettlebell lifting, the Squat, the Swing and the Press.
Over a 2 hour period the gathered crowd learned, listened, asked questions and practiced these drills until each and every one of them had a thorough understanding of the hows and why’s of the methods taught.
This all culminated in a short workout using the same 3 moves.
I’ve since decided to call the workshop my Level 1. I will be expanding on this with further workshops until the participant has enough knowledge and experience under his or her belt to become a certified instructor.
Unlike any other certification I’ve seen, the completion of the workshop does not guarantee a pass. I will expect you to teach a seminar or class of beginners (including myself) before the title of Coach is bestowed upon you.
It is a title that can and will be rescinded if misrepresented.
At Wild Geese we take our reputation very seriously.
That said, I will be running another Level 1 workshop on the 7th March, between 12 and 2pm.
Cost will be 20 per head, all going into

To book your place email or phone Dave on 087 672 6090


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