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Balanced Self Defence

Go to a self defence course and you’ll usually get taught a hundred ways to damage a body.

Go to a self protection and you learn probably fewer ways to hurt people but also get a load of ways to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. Oh, and learn how to not be too upset about the ordeal afterwards.

Go to a martial arts class and you’ll get taught whatever interpretation of whatever some dead, probably Asian, guy used to defeat countless enemies.

But then take a look at the older and more esoteric systems. Particularly the Okinawan, Chinese, the lesser known Thai arts and Indian martial arts. You’ll see a vastly different approach to what is often espoused today.

With the rise of the UFC, and “mixed martial arts” we have developed a blood sweat and tears mindset, an “if it don’t work in the ring/octagon, why bother with it” attitude.

Many non MMA’ers have turned to the so called “Reality Based” Self Defence, where the same blood sweat and tears mindset prevails. They think sports are silly and instead train for the fateful day society breaks down and we all have to wear combat pants, shave our heads and be “dead ‘ard”.

But there is something missing still.

The “real as it gets” MMA or the “Reality” self defence are still incomplete as self defence systems. They lack the elements made that the “old fashioned” systems complete.
Systems that these modern “warriors” seem to think are usless.But self defence, and indeed the martial arts, are about much more than hurting people and fighting.

The term Self Defence can be defined as:

Defending oneself from harm using whatever means necessary.

The word harm could be anything that would adversely affect your well being.

Not just a violent attack, but health issues, environmental issues, stress. Self Defence is about being ready and prepared to deal with anything.

Many of the more esoteric arts include support systems or training protocols that are designed keep the body and mind agile and strong, even into old age.
Meditation, Chi Gung and Yoga type programs would go hand in hand with the physical kick/punch training.

Hard would be balanced with soft. Resulting in an even and well rounded individual.
It is these support systems that seem to have been forgotten in the quest for greater speed and knockout power. Yet if you wish to still be training well into your twilight years, it is these systems that will get you there.

The meditations and chi gungs will assist the body in recovering from the abuse of hard training, they will calm and focus the mind, they loosen and relax tense muscles and maintain a strong will and a disciplined, agile mind.

The esoteric or holistic systems start with the individual. There is no focus on anything external, be it opponents or muggers until the student has first gained mastery of themselves.

After all, are we not our own worst enemies?

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6 Wild Geese Updates

6 updates for the Wild Geese friends and Family:

  1. 1- Wild Geese Hoodies will soon be available, we have a trial order coming in shortly. They are black with White embroidery, great quality. Price will be in the region of €35.
    <----Design will be something like the picture.

2- Wild Geese Martial Arts and Fitness will soon be open FULL TIME.
At the moment we only open during the day for private & semi private training. But by the end of this year we aim to have morning, lunchtime and “off peak” training available to the public. Of course, you can still book private sessions with any of our instructors.

3- Several fighters from the Wild Geese Kickboxing club will be putting their bodies on the line in a couple of weeks time. Check with Ronan for more details. I’ll post them here as I have them.
We expect a strong show of support from all our members.

4- There are still a couple of spots left for the upcoming Certified Kettlebell Trainer weekend with Steve Cotter, drop me a line on or click here for more details.

5- Due to the massive demand, Dave is going to restructure the Kettlebell classes to allow for the recent influx of new lifters. Don’t worry if you’re an existing member, you will still receive the best quality coaching, standards WILL NEVER be allowed to slip.
Dave has also been requested to run another bodyweight training workshop, register your interest by emailing, we’ll have dates set for you shortly.

6- Are you on facebook? Silly question, I know. Lets try Who isn’t on facebook?
Did you know Wild Geese Martial Arts & Fitness has their own fan page? Click here and spend time with us instead of doing boring work, just don’t blame us if you get fired….At least you’ll be able to train more when we go full time, so it’s not all bad!

That’s about all the news for the moment.
If you have anything to add, hit the comments button and give us your tuppence worth.


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The Art of the Masters

Whats the most fundamental skill a martial artist must develop?
The skill that is a common thread regardless of the individuals style or syetem?

It’s what makes the master seem untouchable.
It’s why the novice is so unpredictable.

It’s the difference between effortlesly beating an opponent and being in a fight.

What is this great skill?


At some point in out martial arts career we’ve al thought that we were a bit tasty and really put it up to our superiors in a sparring session.
More often than not we were put straight back in our box.
But if your coach is twice your age and half your size, how is it is seemingly untouchable and able to pick you off at will?
It’s his sense of timing, his ability to read the situation and move only as much as he needs and no more.

At Wild Geese, we’re all about effeciencey. You cannot be effecient without good timing.

So how do you learn this skill?
By learning to flow with a training partner. Free play and sparring are the keys to developing a keen sense of timing. Learning to move as he moves, when to exploit he openings and offering up your “openings” as a trap.

The Filipino’s use many such drills, as do Tai Chi, Wing Chun and many of the Chinese styles. BJJ players will also spend time “rolling” which is the same thing. Playing with the training partner with a predetermined level of resistance, attempting to apply various techniques while not falling victim to your opponents.
At first there should be complete cooperation between the partners so that a basic level of skill may be accomplished, then as that skill improves, the resistance should go up in response.

The end game is basically free sparring whee anything goes.

Although there is absolutely no need to rush to the anything goes stage. A degree of cooperation is necessarry in order to best develop the skills and techniques. All out sparring should be kept for special occaisions.

Add some flow into your own training and you will very quiclky see your abilities improve. You won’t have any new techniques bt you will lear when to best apply the techniques you have.

This is timing.

This is the art.


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Martial Attitude

Are you the kind of person who would love to take up martial arts but are intimidated by the perception of the master parading around like some kind of demi god, shouting orders and berating you for your mistakes? You can’t be bothered with foreign terminology, grand titles and silly pyjamas?

Well so are we.

While at Wild Geese we promote respect and do enforce a hand full of rules, these are really just for the safety and well being of the students. Little things like walking behind a person who is training rather than in front of him (or her) is really more about common sense than Martial Dogma.
At our HQ, or in fact anywhere that a registered Wild Geese instructor is teaching, you’ll never hear students deferring and prostrating themselves in front of a self styled “Guru”, “Sensei” or “Sifu”.

Often times visitors have come into our studio and had to have the instructor pointed out to them as quite often we love nothing more than to just jump in and train with the guys, rather than sticking our chests out and playing the big man.

Over the years I have trained in a number of gyms teaching a number of styles and met some great (and some not so great) instructors. The best gyms with the best instructors were always the ones with the best atmosphere.
No kowtowing, no strict lines, no self importance. Just a group of people there to enjoy the experience of learning and training.

If you really want to dress up in a uniform, stand in straight lines and have people shout at you, join the Army.

Civilian groups have no need for this, instead they are better served by joining a community of like minded individuals. People who can help and support each other so that they can all improve themselves to be the best they possibly can. Whatever their current level.

Encouragement rather than criticism, group and team work mixed with competition and a sprinkling of fun.

There is enough stress and pressure in our lives right now without being forced to deal with more in the martial arts studio. It is a place where the outside world no longer matters, a place where you can train hard, break a sweat and have a laugh and a joke doing it.

So while our instructors, rows of kettlebells and bags suspended form the ceiling may look scary, once you step on the floor you’ll realise that we are about the training.

Not our ego’s.


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