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Quick Update

A couple of quick updates for you:

  1. Judo is now being taught every Wed (8pm) and Friday (6.30pm).
    Top judo coach Mr Donal Tannam 3rd Dan of the Daigokan school has recently joined our team, please drop in and experience what is possibly the ultimate wrestling art taught by one of the countries top players.
    Donal is pictured here taking 2nd place in the British Masters
  2. Wild Geese Training T Shirts are back in stock
    Put on your Christmas lists kids, we have small, med and large and for the first time we have women’s skinny tee’s, which are white. They’re only €12 each and are top quality (Head coaches Paul and Dave have thoroughly road tested them, Paul really likes the skinny tee’s….)
  3. Tuesdays Beginner Kettlebell sessions are currently sold out – we hope to rectify this soon.
  4. We are expecting samples coming in of Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Hoodies and Shin guards, if they are up to scratch expect a full line of training kit available by Christmas. We will operate a two tier price scheme where our club members get the best price and we charge Joe public a small fortune……
  5. Wild Geese conditioning Coach will be launching lunchtime fitness classes. If you’ve tried the kettlebell fitness sessions, you kinda know what to expect.
    He plans on running an open session, 30 minute workouts will be posted on the wall, you just turn up, get it done and get out, all under his watchful and beady eye…. This ought to up and running by the end of this month, keep an eye open here for more details.
  6. The Wild Geese Xmas party will take place in January, this means you can get your boring work parties out the way and have something to look forward to in the new year.
  7. Our graphics people are designing up Christmas gift vouchers – Give them to someone you think will benefit from them (even if it yourself, we won’t tell anyone…)
  8. I mentioned Christmas 4 times in this post and it’s not even December yet, I hang my head in shame – Sorry

Ok, I know I said a couple, but I thought 8 was better value for money….

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Hi all,

We have a few updates and changes you need to be made aware of.

  • Muay Thai – This has been suspended for the time being as Coach Dave Gordon has gone back to Thailand to continue his own training. As soon as either he returns or we get an alternative coach of the same standard we’ll let you know.
  • Kettelbell fitness – We have added a third session to our weekly schedule due to popular demand. Tuesday at 6.30pm will be the new Beginners Kettlebell session, although the more experienced members are welcome too.
  • Cardio Kickboxing makes a return to Friday evenings. Every Friday Chris will but a group of women through a high quality kickboxing style workout, with all the sweat and none of the bruises. This takes place between 6 and 7pm every Friday, costs are the usual €10 per class or 6 for €50.
    Contact Chris direct on 087 218 4346 or email us for more info.
  • Tshirts – We have one left in stock after having had a run on them the last while. We’ve ordered more with an updated logo. I’ll have images for you asap.
  • Steve Cotter Seminar – Interest is building regarding the Steve Cotter visit, I have to ask you all to be patient while I chase steve for prices and pyment options. Dates are confirmed as the 12-13 sept.
  • We have set up a page on Facebook. If you’re a facebooker become a fan by clicking here.

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