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It give me great pleasure to give the following announcement. You may know that we are big fans of real food, we’re not the kind of gym that touts expensive supplements and crap onto people, and we know most of our guys train with us partly because of our beleif that natural, real food, movement and martial arts are the way forward.

So we have just secured a deal with a great new company called Caveman Supersnacks ( so we can supply their goods.
They just dropped of a few 50g bags of Biltong (dried beef) and Chillie Bites (Biltong with Chilli). You’ll see them as soon as you turn up for training tonight… you can have one for €2

This is the nutritional breakdown for Biltong, I’ve coped and pasted it directly from their other website, :

Nutrition information – Soft Biltong
Quantity per 100g:
Energy 1245Kj
Protein 55g
Fat, total 7g
Fat, saturated 2g
Carbohydrate, total 3g
Sodium 1700mg
Iron 8.8mg

It is a pure power food. Check out his websites for the other stock as well as a few recipies, and don’t forget to get yourself a bag on your way home from training!
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