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Do you run with the herd?

Ever watch the discovery channel? How about David Attenborough shows?

Do you notice how the predators always pick out the weakest in the heard and focus all of their attacking focus and power onto that single individual.

People aren’t much different. I have my students play games. I give them homework. I ask them that when they are on their way home, look around them and check out the herd, see if they can pick out the weakest, who would they hunt if they were the predator.

The object of the exercise is twofold. On one hand the students are learning what it is that a potential attacker looks for, while on the other it raises their awareness level in order to spot potential threats.

By putting themselves into the mind of a hunter, they can see other peoples weaknesses and learn to avoid the same mistakes that they are seeing around them.
Plus simply being more aware of those around them makes them instantly less attractive to an attacker.

Think about it, two people walking along, identical size, gender dress etc except one has their head down, earphones in and are obviously daydreaming, the other is walking tall and striding confidently.

You are looking for an easy target, which of them would you choose?

Enough said.

Separate yourself from the herd, don’t be a target.

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Knives part 2

So last time we looked at the numbers of murders involving a knife or edged weapon in Ireland, and saw the percentage of deaths had pretty much doubled since the turn of the millennium.

Now I’m not interested in the reasons, all I care about is that it happens and what we can do to prevent it happening to us.

I don’t want to be a statistic, do you?

Oh, by the way, the last post was the stats for the reported murders. Add to that the deaths going unreported and then add on again for the assaults and injuries that were not fatal.

So what do we do about it? Do you cross the line and carry a blade yourself?

No that’s not the answer, you become one of them. And do you think that in the real world you could cut somebody up? Even if you are able to draw your weapon during a struggle, can you live with the knowledge that you used it on a person, scarring, deforming and potentially killing them?

I hope the answer is no. Unless you’re in downtown Baghdad that is.

So instead we have to fortify ourselves in other ways.

First and foremost is to stay out of trouble. Duh, obviously!

But we have to accept that sometimes we may have to fight back. Regardless of whether or not you see a blade, always assume there is one and fight accordingly. The Filipino martial arts have been fighting this way for ever and have developed skills for checking and trapping as they strike.
The boxing style of punching does leave one open to the knife and the old “take one and give two back” philosophy is no longer valid. You must learn to strike while covering your openings or checking his weapons.

But ultimately you need to end the fight as soon as is possible. That means full on aggression and commitment, drop him and get out of there, no hanging around, no follow ups, just do a 4 minute mile to the nearest safe area.

Please don’t be a hero, always try to avoid trouble, failing that escape, confronting it should always be a last option. If you take on a blade, you will get cut, even if you win you may still end up badly or even fatally injured.

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Wild Geese @ The Martial Arts Academy

Wild Geese Martial Arts and our newer Personal Training and fitness wing will now be operating full time out of Dublin’s Martial Arts Academy.

At the academy we run regular Filipino Martial Arts, Anti Stab knife defence and Control & Restraint classes and courses.

We also have a selection of basic strength equipment, Barbells, plate loaded dumbells, a selection of kettlebells as well as some of the best conditioning tools ever invented, skipping ropes and punchbags.

So if you fancy training in a non conventional gym under the watchful eye of a qualified and experienced trainer using the types of methods used by fighters and old time strong men to forge physiques like stone and near legendary conditioning levels.

We offer Personal Training, Semi Private training and Supervised training.
Personal Training – You, Me and your personalised program, be it Martial Arts, Self defence, strength, weight loss and fitness. This runs at €50/hr
Semi Private – Bring a friend, up to a maximum of 6. You will then help and hinder each other to accelerate the results in the field you choose, strength, fitness or fighting. We charge €70/hr for the first 2 people with an extra €10 per person up to a max of 6.
Supervised Training – Come in and do your own training under our watchful eye for a nominal fee. Simply €10/hr or €50 per month.

You may combine packages to suit, and if you block pay for classes you can use them as you wish.
For example pay €100 and get 1 hr personal training and 1 month supervised training
Pay €100 and get 1 month supervised training and jump into 5 scheduled Wild Geese Martial Arts classes

For a map to our location click here:

We are number 19. Alternatively visit our websites listed below.


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Garda Stabbed in the execution of his Duty

Read this:

Reading things like this annoy the crap out of me. I know the papers only tell you half the story, but lets take the report as being 100% accurate.

1) Where was the training,
Even though the guy was armed with a knife and had caused injury to the first garda, the second garda should have had the training to wade in and disable the attacker quickly, if i make the assumption that Garda no 1 and the attacker were in the bath as garda no 2 arrived, no 2 would have had valuable seconds to make a decision. Anybody that has been involved in any confict situation knows full well that training takes over at this point.
I know that the Irish Police force (Gardai) receive no such training (or very little) so time was wasted, meaning that Garda no 1 was stabbed repeatedly.

2) The knife man was held down put not prevented from wielding his blade,
Again training, knife disarms are difficult and risky, however there are times and place when attempting a disarm is necessary. Watching your mate getting punctured is one of them.
Failing a disarm (and in order to secure a disarm) some form of restraint should be applied, ideally to the knife wielding arm, thee are too many joint locks and holds to list here, however it doesn’t take long to show, teach and practice the methods to attack a wrist, elbow or shoulder.
There of course is the option of just going for a knock out either by striking or Choke, the Garda, according to the article only held the guy down with one hand.

3) The Garda felt the need to use his PHONE to call for assistance,
Now come on! Is that just bollocks or what? In a serious encounter like this one Time is an enemy, every second counts. So what should take longer, pressing a button on the radio handset or fishing around for your phone, unlocking the keypad and dialling(even speed dialling). Enough said, except for why do the Irish Gadai (it’s not the first time I’ve heard this) feel that they are better of phoning the station on their mobiles rather than using their radio?

Now, while I admit I wasn’t there so I’m in no position to say whether the lads actions were right or wrong. They both survived a knife attack, and I hope they have fully recovered and continue with their lives with no ill effects.

I want to make it quite clear it is the system that is meant to support them has in fact let them down. I heard a comment from a trainee gard recently, he said “Unfortunately there are alot of people that are still very relaxed about their own personal safety”. This was about his fellow students and presumably instructors when he contacted me about training.

Why does the state feel justified putting officers on the streets in a world of increasing levels of violence and not properly preparing them for it.

i would like to hear some of your opinions. Let me know.

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Self Defence Course At 1st Active/Ulster Bank, Sandyford

Wild Geese Martial Arts in association with will be holding an 8 week self defence course at 1st Active/Ulster Bank in Sandyford.

The course will cover:

Avoid / Escape / Confront
Striking with hands/elbows/knees & feet
Generating power in your strikes
Preemptive striking
Escapes from common holds
Blade Awareness & Knife Defence
and much more….

The poster is below but you’ll get a PDF version here.

any cause but our own