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Core Combatives Seminar with Mick Coup at Wild Geese

Hi all-

Some final details on securing attendance at the Mick Coup seminar, along with a brief outline of what will be covered.


The course dates are Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27.
Training will run from 10am to 4pm with a 30 minute break for lunch and smaller breaks as required.

The location remains as previously indicated: Wild Geese Martial Arts,
14-16 Magennis Place, Pearse Street, D2.


Mick wishes to highlight that this will be a chance to gain an overview of the topics below. Due to time constraints and the nature of this event it will not constitute the in-depth and subject-specific type of training which he provides through other, longer course formats such as the Foundation Course.

Day One

Introduction to the C2 system-method-concept and training structure

Combat Management – the emergency ‘in-fight’ action option

Contact Management – the preferable ‘pre-fight’ assessment option

Day Two

Threat Management – the preferred ‘no-fight’ awareness option

Subject Management – the security-role apprehend & arrest option

Obviously a great deal of offshoot-topics will be addressed in brief, and lots of Q&A throughout.


Both days will require mouth and groin protection – for live drills and for the force-on-force drills during subject management.


Payment will officially open tomorrow.

If you wish to confirm your attendance then advance payment is recommended.

To pay in advance (at the rate of 80 euros for both days):-

*E-mail me to this account indicating that you are ready to pay via PayPal.
* PayPal payment details will be provided.
*When your transaction has been completed your place on the course is reserved, and not before.

There are space constraints and although it may be possible to attend and pay on the day (at the higher rate of 100 euros), this cannot be guaranteed. I will attempt to highlight via the Facebook page for this event if we are approaching capacity, but I would encourage anyone who wants to make sure they do not miss out to pay early. Should the course fill up I will open a waiting list in the event that a place becomes available via cancellations.


Ruairi Quinn