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Fighters, Injury Proof your wrists

Anyone who has spent time hitting hard, be they Boxers, karate-ka or MMA athlete will at some point have hurt their wrist.
It’s a complex joint designed for mobility which leaves it prone to damage during the impact of a heavy strike.

Here, Wild Geese Conditioning Coach, Dave Hedges ( shares a few of his tips that will keep your wrists safe and protected from injury.
Watch the video, take note and then apply some of these methods to your own training and instantly elongate your career.


Wild Geese

Wild Geese Coaches Leading from the Front

Wild Geese coaches are some of the best around.
Of course every gym says that about their coaches, it’s be insane if they didn’t, yet how much truth is in the statement, what actions are there to back it up?

At Wild Geese we expect as much from th coaches as we do the students, it’s no good us standing in front of a class insisting tha they bust their balls day in day out if from time to time we don’t throw them a little piece of inspiration.

So here’s some of the latest from the coaches locker room:

Judo – Another awesome haul for our judo coach. Under 66 kilos senior men-silver medal, Masters under 66 kilos gold medal and masters under 81 kilos silver medal. Truly Donal Tannam is a man worth listening to!

Kettlebells – Dave Hedges also hit it hard down in Kilkenny performing 62 reps with the 24kg kettlebells in the EGSA Long Cycle competition. This is only four weeks after performing 1 Mile of Walking Kettlebell Swings and raising €4700 for RehabCare.

Eskrima – Paul Cox has just booked his flights to head over to the Doce Pares World Championships, where he is to defend his title. Rumour has it that his instructor, Danny Guba, has also put him forward for a formal grading!

Next time you’re down at your gym, ask the coach what they have done this year.
If they lead from the front, good. If not, maybe rethink your training there.


Wild Geese

Kettlebell Workshop this weekend

The first of this years Kettlebell Lifting Workshops takes place on Sunday 20th Feb, I’ll be running both the Level 1 and 2 workshops back to back. 

Level 1 from 11am till 1pm
This covers warming up, Squats, Presses, Swings and the concept of power breathing.

Level 2 from 1.30pm till 4pm.
This covers the Clean, Push Press and Turkish Get Up, as well as improving on technique covered in level one.

Each workshop will cost €30 (wild geese members and repeats are discounted), or €50 if you attend them both.

Attending this one day will give you the knowledge necessary to train safely at home or anywhere you have access to weights, not just kettlebells.
The information taught is principle based so you will be able to take it away and apply it to whatever training you usually do.

While the workshops are about learning good technique, we will work up a sweat as we also look at styles of training and will perform a short workout using the information just learned.

Please book as soon as possible to guarantee a place,
contact us on:


Wild Geese

1 Mile Walking Kettlebell Swings – Feb 26th

Wild Geese and RehabCare have been working together for several months now, their clients have been coming to us for Self Defence courses and fitness training.
Their budget was cutback recently, so we’ve volunteered to aid in their fundraising efforts.

Please watch this video, then dig deep into your pockets and help us help those who need it:

The challenge we are undertaking, while physical, will be extremely mentally taxing. For us it’s a few hours of struggling to keep going, take one more step and get to the end of the course, for the people we are trying to help, an hour of struggling would be a luxury, they face these challenges every day of their lives.
RehabCare goes to great lengths to help these people, to aid them and help them live normal lives and rejoin normal society. Since their budget was cut back their options have been severly restricted. We are going to do out utmost to raise as much cash as possible, please come down to Sandymount Strand at 12noon, Saturday 26th February 2011 and either join in with the challenge or simple shout and cheer form the side lines. Either way, make sure you’ve collected some sponsorship or brought a donation.

This next clip shows some the Walking Kettlebell Swing in a few of it’s many variations.



Next Boot Camp starts Monday 31st Jan, get in touch ASAP to guarantee your place

The new Kettle AM sessions will kick off on Tues 1st Feb, start the day with your RDA of Iron supplementation!

Charity Kettlebell event for REHAB Care

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for your support.
Last year I did some work with REHAB Care, a support group that help people with Mental Illness. You know, the kind of illness you can’t see but affects a huge amount of those around you.

The Government, in their infinite wisdom ahs decided to reduce the funding to this group. Funding which they rely on heavily to pay for courses and activities for their clients.

They came to Wild Geese for a self-defence course, it turns out they absolutely loved the course and nearly every one of the guys and girls that took part have been pestering to know when it can be run again.

Must be something about hitting things really hard and getting all your frustrations and aggressiveness out of your system….

So, Nessa (the boss lady) came in and asked if I would help with a fundraising event. I agreed and this is where you all come in.

On Saturday February 19th, I will attempt something that is probably a little nuts.

I will attempt to perform 1 mile of walking kettlebell swings along Sandymount Strand.

1 mile is 1.6km, which is a little over 1600 paces or 1600 kettlebell swings.

As far as I’m aware, this kind of event has never been done before.

Some of my regulars will be taking part with me, some are forming teams to work the mile as a relay / tag team event. I’m not sure if any are willing to go the full mile with me yet.

I’ve to sort out some of the final details, but all going well we can collect enough sponsorship to pay for several courses for this overlook and often ignored subset of our population.

Keep an eye out on this blog as I will give out details for you to make donations and download a sponsorship form for you to take around your friends and family.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Don’t forget – Yoga workshop this Saturday

A reminder here that we will be hosting a Yoga workshop at Wild Geese HQ
this Saturday.

This is not a workout, but an opportunity to learn some of the most
efficient stretches and mobility drills to open up the hips, spine and
shoulders. Taking the information learned and adding it to your regular
training will not only improve your martial arts, but will also reduce the
risk of injury and greatly elongate your potential training life.

The workshop will be in place of the regular Kettlebell sessions, starting
from 12.30 pm and going on until around 2.30pm.

Please register your interest ASAP.



Two weeks ’till Steve Cotter arrives!

A few days ago I announced that Steve Cotter, president of the and one of the world’s most respected coaches was coming to Wild Geese.


I’m now looking to get people confirmed so I can get Steve on the phone and tell him to book his flights.


As I said in the last blog I’m looking for at least 10 people. Steve pays his own travel and accommodation so charges a set fee for his courses, so we can run the training with any number of people, but neither Steve nor I are comfortable asking for ridiculous amounts of cash.

At the moment, if we 10 people it works out at €300 each, which I think is fair.


If we get more than 10, the price per person will go down accordingly.


Right now I am looking for confirmations from everyone that has said they are interested. The best way to do this is by a deposit of some kind.
And the easiest way to do this is via PayPal. A fair deposit would be €100, you can pay more if you like, or if you’re around Wild Geese, drop in cash.
To give Steve time to book his flights and accommodation, please get the deposits in as soon as possible, lets say, the end of this week (Sat 20th)


As soon as ten people have paid a deposit we will confirm the event. If we don’t get the required people, I’ll return all deposits in full.
The balance of the seminar can then be paid on the day in cash or anytime prior to the day on PayPal again.


You may send a payment over PayPal to or I can send out an invoice (handy if your paying for two or three mates..)


I know this all seems a little rushed and unplanned, but that’s simply because it is. Steve and I were chatting and he just mentioned that the 27th/28th November is free. That’s the entire extent of our planning!


To sum up:
I’ve enough names interested; now I need confirmation.
Confirm your place by paying a €100 deposit
Payment can be made via PayPal (send to or I can send an invoice) or drop in the cash.

Deposits must be in this week
The balance will be worked out when we have final numbers, but should be no more than €300 total.





Dave Hedges
087 672 6090



Courage and the Warrior Spirit

This is a guest post from Wild Geese member Jon Mills, it was written on Monday 11th October. Jon never gave this post a title, so I created one for him.
Courage is about standing and facing the things you are afraid of, if thats not a warrior spirit, I don’t know what is.
Over to Jon:

Today (tonight I guess) I’m sitting in my living room having returned from a Eskrima training session in Wild Geese with Paul Cox. Tomorrow morning I will take on an opponent I feel ill prepared to face. I work in student welfare, and tomorrow I’m launching a suicide prevention and support scheme for the 2000+ students under my care. I’m terrified. More so then I have ever felt in a fight, in sparring, or if I’m honest more scared than I’ve probably ever been. But the lessons I’ve learned on the faintly smelly mats in the Wild Geese training hall do not just apply to self defense or sport, but to life in general. I’m terrified because if done well could mean saving one life, and that would make it all worth it. However I feel that if I fail it will be my failure alone and I have to keep reminding myself the only true failure would be not giving this everything that I can. I guess what I’m going to write about here is a fairly abstract concept, spirit, but its something that crops up in martial arts all the time.

Simply put the Wild Geese spirit as I have experienced it is one without compromise, not in what you ask of other people but what you expect from yourself. As a lesson that’s pretty important for martial artists, but if one is to adopt this philosophy they must apply it to everything they do. When you’re bad at something you push to get better, when you’re good at something you help the others around you. You ask the stupid obvious questions and unashamedly admit to your faults without excuse in the sure knowledge that this is the only way to get better and once you’ve mastered something you respect the people who haven’t gotten there yet. Most of all you pursue everything with the unwavering determination of the born fighter, because winning and doing your best are one and the same.

Tomorrow I will stand in front of a room full of people and explain to them my plans to try and make everyone’s life a little better and try to convince them to get involved. I’ll then have to stand in front of a committee and tell them why they should give me the funding to do this and one day I may even have to stand in front of some one and talk them down from killing themselves. I could falter in any one of those situations. That scares me more then all the sticks, knives and psychotic muggers out there and frankly I’d rather fight anyone then have to have that last conversation. In my time training there what Wild Geese has taught me are principles, not necessarily how to deal with a single attack, but how to solve a problem. Sometimes that problem is trying to punch your head in. Sometimes the problem is less straight forward; however the fighting spirit necessary to triumph is the same.

I may be shitting it about tomorrow, but I’ll give it everything anyway. I’m not a warrior, I probably never will be but The Wild Geese have taught me to be a fighter, even if I’m still scared of hitting people.
Jon Mills

Are you a warrior?

Winter seems to be drawing in fast.
Opening up Wild Geese HQ this morning was cold and dark.
Only half of the Boot Camp crew showed up.

This put a smile on my face. This is what the Boot Camp is about.
A fighter has to get in the ring alone to face a man intent on knocking his head off.
Yes you have a corner man and a crowd of friends cheering you on, but they are on the outside.
You alone are in the line of fire, and if you haven’t prepared yourself mentally and physically, you are going to get beaten.
Those that crawled out of bed this, the first of the cold dark mornings, these are the ones that show they have what it takes.
These are the warriors that are willing to go to any lengths in their training so that anything that life throws at them becomes nothing more than a distraction.
This is what the Boot Camp is about. It’s about the few that have that certain something to go that little bit extra.

Congratulations to those that show up. You are the ones leading the way forward.

Dave Hedges

PS, This Tuesday, Wild Geese host Pekiti Tirsia’s Bill McGrath, training
commences at 6pm for around 2 hours. This is your opportunity to train with one of Filipino Martial Arts top
practitioners, a man who has used his arts in the performance of his duties as a Police Officer.
Don’t miss out.

Also, this Sunday, Wild Geese conditioning coach will be running a level 1 Kettlebell workshop. This covers the fundamentals of lifting, no experience is necessary. The workshop starts at 12 noon for two hours. Bring a notepad & pen. Cost for this is a mere €20

Wild Geese Anniversary Ultimate eBook Package

This month Wild Geese celebrate their 4th Anniversary since their foundation.
Wild Geese Coach and Author, Dave Hedges (who’s son is also turning 2 this month) has agreed to put out the entire collection of Wild Geese eBooks as an Ultimate package with over 30% knocked off the price.

In the package you will receive:
  • No Equipment, No Excuses – The Bodyweight Training Manual
  • Martial Musings of the Mercenary Mind
  • One Exercise Fat Loss & Conditioning
  • Shaolin Strength Secrets
  • The Chi Gung Notebook.

Bought separately, these would cost over €50, the Ultimate package will only cost €35

Now the catch.
This offer will be taken down on the last day of October and probably never repeated.

This is not to be missed!

For more on the Ultimate Package, please visit our Shop pages here

Wild Geese