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Future Workshops – You tell us what you want

At our House of Strength facility we have a group of extremely tlaented instrucotrs with an array of skillsets. Not just what they teach on a weekly basis.
We have had succesful workshop on Brazilizn JuJitsu, Kettlebell lifting, Bodyweight & mobility.

Now I’d like you all to tell us what it is you’d like to spend a few hours on a sat afternoon learning.

Just a few examples, but not limited too would be:

Kenpo Cubano
Filipino Maritial Arts
Knife & weapon defence
Self defence skills
Kettlebell lifting
Bodyweight training
Brazillian jujitsu
Training for MMA
Control & Restraint Tactics

And more….

Hit the comments button below and let me know your choices and we’ll pick the most popular.


Wild Geese