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Yoga Classes Starting at WGMA

Wild Geese are pleased to announce the addition of a new class to our already packed schedule.

As of Saturday 5th November you have the opportunity to train under Anne Dempsey, a long time friend of the Wild Geese.
Anne teaches Yoga, Somatics and Pilates which she blends together seamlessly into a fantastic method for opening the joints, loosening the muscles and strengthening the core. Unlike many Yoga teachers, Anne has little time for the wishy washy nonsense that often goes alongside her art and instead sticks plainly and simply to the stuff that works.

For more information give Anne a call on 087 979 9921

Improve Mobility & Flexibility with a Yoga Workshop

On December 11th, we will be hosting Yoga instructor Anne Dempsey for a workshop here at Wild Geese.

This will be the second such workshop covering a variety of poses and stretches in great detail.
All the information taught is tailored to the needs of a combat athletes, but of course is extremely useful to anyone for enhanced mobility, flexibility and injury prevention.

Bring a notepad and pen with you because the information comes thick and fast as Anne goes into great detail on each position, revealing the subtleties that take a good stretch into a great stretch.
Anne will also be teaching Somatic movements, which are a system of relaxed, “lazy” movements that have been proven to unwind and release tight muscles and postural injuries.

We are taking bookings now for the workshop, please confirm your place via email.

Date – 11th Dec 2010
Time – 1230 to 1430
Cost – members 15 euro
Cost – non members 25 euro
Payment method – Cash on the day, or in advance (20% discount o all advance payments). Payment can be accepted via (address to

3 Incredible Workshops

We have three great workshops lined up for you guys over the next few weeks.
Kettlebell Coach Dave Hedges will be running a Level 2 Kettlebell Lifting Workshop on Sunday 22nd August.
This will be from 12 noon to 2pm.
The workshop will centre on the Turkish Get Up, one of the all time great full body movements that develops great shoulder and core strength. We will also look at the 1 handed swing, the Clean and the Push Press.
This workshop is open to all, no experience is needed, although may be helpful.
Cost will be €20.

Trainee Yoga Instructor, Anne Dempsey, has agreed to come in and use us as guinea pigs.
Anne has studying yoga for some time and recently embarked on a very in depth Instructor training program. When offered the chance to practice her teaching skills on us, she jumped on the chance.
Martial Artists have used yoga and yoga like stretches and movement patterns to balance out their training for years. In the west, we’ve overlooked this softer side of training and as a result we suffer tight hips, knees and backs as well as an array of other injuries and problems.
Anne will help us add a little balance to our training, realigning the spine, opening the hips and resetting the body.
This will take place on the Saturday 21st August from 2- 4.30pm.
Anne will not be charging for this, but I’m sure everyone will show their appreciation with a donation.

And last but certainly not least:
Bill McGrath is finally on his way over.
Bill has 30+ years training in the martial arts specialising in Pekiti Tirsia Eskrima, he’s also had 20+ years as a law enforcement officer during which time some of those skills have been tested and applied in real world
Bill will be holidaying in Ireland for a few days and has kindly offered to drop into Wild Geese and teach some of his system.
This will take place on Tuesday 21st September from 6pm till 8pm.

As with the Yoga, Bill is not charging for this, he is training us for his own pleasure. Although again, I’m sure you’ll all donate on the day.
There will also be a debrief held in the local boozer afterwards.

If you wish to take part in any of the above events, drop us a line:
Phone: 087 672 6090