Chi Gung Training Notebook – Free download for a limited time only

Wild Geese co Founder, Dave Hedges, has been clearing out his cupboards.
He came across a couple of his old training notebooks. After flicking through them he asked a few people if they’d like to see some of the info in the pages. Much of it is garbled nonsense but some of it is detailed information, teachings from some incredible instructors.

There has been particular interest in the Chi Gung notes.

Since the recent visit to Wild Geese by Kettlebell and Martial Arts master, Steve Cotter, Dave’s been practicing his Chi Gung again and is enjoying the improved recovery from hard training, the reduced stress and the general feelings of wellbeing and balance that this type of training brings about.

So he has scanned all the Chi Gung notes, gathered them into a PDF file and offered it as a free download, for a limited time only.

As soon as he pulls his finger out and redraws the diagrams, types up clearer descriptions and produces a finalised, “polished” eBook on Chi Gung, you will be able to get the unedited hand written notebook free of charge.

Take advantage while you can.

Here’s the link:

If you have any questions regarding Chi Gung or your training in general, feel free to ask away.


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