Do you have a gym?

A prospective new member was being shown around Wild Geese the other day, he was interested in joining one or more of our martial arts classes.

He certainly seemed impressed with our facility, but on the way out he asked “Do you have a gym?”
I started to explain that he’d seen the weight training area with the array of kettlebells, barbells etc but he wasn’t satisfied.

“I mean any gym equipment” he continued, seeing I was a little perplexed he continued to explain, “I like to run.”

It became clear.

“What equipment do you need to run?” I asked him, looking him right in the eye. His girlfriend giggled and he visibly shrank.

“Oh, yeah, I suppose. I’ve just…..” At this point I changed the subject to spare his embarrassment.

Now my wife is going to read this and tell me I shouldn’t be so harsh and to start being nicer to people. But, regardless, we at Wild Geese have a core philosophy. You can choose to adhere to it or not, it is your choice. If you choose not to, or if you disagree with it, that’s up to you, but you may be happier down at the local Zumba class, Wild Geese might not be the place for you.
So what is this philosophy?
It is to work as hard as possible at bettering oneself. It is about becoming a more effective and efficient human being. It is about not bothering with competition from other people and instead competing against the only opponent you will never beat, yourself.

We don’t rely on any one piece of equipment. Yes we love our Kettlebells, but we also have barbells, sandbags, sledgehammers, but above all else we have our body which is really all we need to train.
We love our Eskrima, it has the same philosophy, one weapon is all weapons, the same principles apply regardless of the weapon at hand, even if it is your hand.

This means we are never caught out, we never have to make excuses, we need nothing and want for nothing.
If we want to run, we step out our front door and we are running. If half way around the run we feel like doing some upper body strength, we can droop and do push ups, or jump up and do pull ups from a bus shelter, goal post or tree branch. If we get mugged along the way, we don’t panic that we left our sticks/swords/knives/gloves/belts/gum shields back at the club, no we defend ourselves with whatever is at hand, and run on ( a little faster now..)

In the real world you can’t rely on anything other than what you are wearing. There is no crutch for you to lean on. If you specialise in one area, that’s fantastic, if you only ever train for one thing, that’s great, until the day you area outside your specialist area.
As my old mate, a former marine, likes to say “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”. Failure to do so can lead to unthinkable consequences.

So do we have any gym equipment?

The answer is yes, you are your gym, now train with it.

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2 thoughts on “Do you have a gym?”

  1. Perhaps I might side with your wife on this one (always a safe choice);running on a treadmill may not be for everyone but it does suit people like me with bad backs and dodgy knees as it is easier on the joints than road running. As a businessman the correct response is a polite “no we don’t carry a large range of gym equipment we specialise in martial arts”. Fifty pressups is your penance.

  2. Fair points, however:
    While bad backs and dodgy knees may prevent you from running, it still does not excuse the use of treadmills and the reliance that the general populace has on machinery to get some work done.
    Injuries left un attended will prevent us from an increasingly greater number of activities. The longer an injury, shch as a dodgy back is left, the longer the list of exclusions grows.

    So rather than substituting running for treadmill running, which eventually will become (god help us) Croos Trainer use and finally being forced into retiremnet. Instead a person would be better served by fixing the injuries.
    Knee and back pain is often a symptom of a tightness in the hips.
    So far most non impact injuries I’ve come across are down to either too much or too little mobility which leads to other areas compensating for work they’re not designed for and so become injured. Find and fix the source and just maybe the dodgy bits will ease off and allow you to return to an activity that is as natural to our species as breathing.
    If we could never run, we would never have caught our dinner, or would have been caught as dinner, either way, we died.

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