Georges Herbert’s Method Naturelle

Have a look at this:

I just discovered this by accident but intend to look further into it. Herbert bases his training around a simple philosophy:

A (Natural Method) session is composed of exercises belonging to the ten fundamental groups: walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, equilibrium (balancing), throwing, lifting, defending and swimming.

A training session consists, then, of exercises in an outdoor environment – a course of greater or lesser distance (a few hundred meters to several kilometers), during which, one walks, one runs, one jumps, one progresses quadrupedally, one climbs, one walks in unstable balance, one raises and one carries, one throws, one fights and one swims.

This course can be carried out in 2 ways:

1 – the natural or spontaneous way; i.e., on an unspecified route through the countryside.

2 – within an especially designed environment.

All of the exercises can be carried out while progressing through this environment.

Finally, the session can last from 20 to 60 minutes.

Watching the video and thinking back to days gone by when I lived in places like the English Lake District and Australia’s Gold Coast, the philosophy is a more eloquent expression of training I’ve used in the past.

I’ve spent the last hour googling Georges Herbert, it seems the website is inactive but I have found a few other sites talking about him and hi method of training.

George believed in an ideal of my own. Train oneself in order to become more useful to those around you. Or as he puts it “One’s got to be strong to be useful, not only to oneself, but to others”.

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