You’ve got to admire honesty.

I bumped into one of our members on the street the other day and he told me how he’s not been down training in a while and he knows he’s wrong and lazy and just needs to break that arse-sofa bond.
He then told me that he’d just been to a competition and didn’t do so well.
When I asked why he hadn’t been in training for this competition he then confessed, “I’ve been practicing alot, it was a Streetfighter competition”

He’d been in training for a video game competition!

His honesty was refreshing, he looked me in the eye and told me that he was a lazy lump who hates the fact that he spends too much time playing games but can’t be bothered changing. It’s a shame because he actually did well in his first (and only) Judo tournament.
I hope he comes back training, because when he’s here he works hard, it’s just getting him here. And he knows this himself, he’s honest.

Then there’s another client entirely. One who consistently talks about how he “was” and “used to be” and how he’s “gonna be”.
This is the same guy how sends a text message half an hour before training is due to start saying “I slept in, sorry, not gonna make it”. The appointment was at 2pm and he slept in?!
He sends messages like “My leg is sore, is it ok to train?” Erm, yes, do pull ups.
This is the guy who is dishonest, he talks big, all I used to be and I’m gonna be, yet when the time comes he’s full of hot air and excuses.

Two different people, both on the road to nowhere, but at least one of them has the nuts to hold his hand up and say “Yes, it’s my own fault, and until I change it, nothing will change. Pass the remote!”
The other one, well, until he starts being honest with himself, there will be no self realisation, no progress, no improvement.

At Wild Geese we like honest people. If you miss training and tell us the truth, we’re happy, if you spin us a line we will see right through you.

Wild Geese

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