How to Improve Beyond all Expectations

If you’ve been keeping up with the goings on at the Wild Geese Boot Camp (it’s all on , you’ll notice the guys are making incredible progress.

Why and How?

Two reasons, one is that this program is new to them all so they are all enjoying huge gains simply because of neural adaptation.
The other one, the main one is summed up perfectly in the following quotes form powerlifting, bodybuilding and all round serious lifter Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski in this T-Nation article. I’ve includd the relevant sound
bites below:

* It’s not about the program. It’s about how hard you train and how consistent you are. The mental aspect is much more important than the physical.
* Hard work, the right mental outlook, and the desire to win. You have to be willing to do what your competitors aren’t. That’s how I look at my training: I’m gonna take it one step further. It’s like Larry Bird or
Michael Jordan-they were always trying to be the hardest training guy in their sport. I remember reading about Larry Bird staying after practice for hours to shoot free throws in the dark, wondering if there was some guy out there who was training harder than he was.
* No disrespect to Louie Simmons, but I think the success of Westside wasn’t necessarily due to the programming. It was the atmosphere, man. If you get a bunch of huge guys in the same gym competing against each other I don’t care what program you put them on-they’re all going to improve. Everyone wants to be top dog. That’s what drives them. I’m not knockin’ Louie’s programs, because there’s a lot of good stuff in there. But the environment is key. When I recruit guys to train with, I want them to push me. I’m gonna try to increase the distance I have over them and they’re gonna try and close the gap. That’s how it should be.

Do you see the theme?
Mindset. Get your right and you’ll blow your goals out of the water, having a good crew around you will help, the wrong crew will hinder.
Wild Geese is a great place to come and train, not because of the great coaching, the equipment or location, it’s because of the people we attract.
Whoever is in beside you on any given day will look to help and encourage you regardless of what your goals are, some one will muck in.
If they don’t, they probably won’t last long, they’ll leave and head down the road to Curves.
The next Boot Camp will start 2nd August, there are still a couple of spots available. If you’re the type that is hungry for improvement, looking for that “kick up the arse” or just wanting to find some great training partners and an atmosphere of camaraderie, hard work and progress, then drop me a line.
If not, I hear there’s a new body pump class starting up the road…
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