I could have lost my livelihood!

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“I hurt me back the other day, scared the living shit out of me! That’s my livelihood, the mortgage and everything!”

This was a conversation I just had on the street with a lad I know who’s working on a building project down the street.

His closing statement was, “I dunno, maybe I should start training or something” before we parted ways and off we went on our respective errands.

Now, most of my guys work in offices.
A few do manual work.
Most play some sport at a recreational level, some at very high level and everything in between.

Lets run my buddies sentence again:

“That’s my livelihood, the mortgage and everything!”

That injury he picked up working, which could just as easily have been one of my office lads put playing their sport, could put him out of work.

This is why I post so much about Mobility, about Indian Clubs, about breathing and warming up.

Some kind of mobility routine practiced 2-7 days per week is hugely preventative.
Of course you can’t prevent everything, there will always be something that gets you.

But if your job involves lifting and carrying, like my mate above.
Or like the majority of sports injuries, you get hurt off the ball.
Then perhaps you should look at doing something.

I just call it mobility.

The term one of my clients uses is “RDM’s” which stands for “Routine Daily Maintenance”
Helen Hall calls them “WUJMUMS’s” which stands for “Wake Up Joints, Wake Up Muscles” which she details with clarity in her book:

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There is a search box on the bottom right of this page, search “Monday Mobility” actually, scratch that, I’ve done it for you, click here to see it

Yes, there will times where you need specific work and general mobility won’t cut it.
Figuring that out and programming it into a training plan is my speciality.

Sometimes, like in one case this morning, it takes nothing more than eyeballing a person and then giving them one or two movements.

In other cases, a full assessment is needed.

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Working with Seba earlier on today on his recurring Achilles pain. So why am I looking at his shoulders? Well, he’s getting pain and tightness there too. Are they related? Maybe. From the work of @garyward_aim we can find the position that that shoulder tightness may prevent access to, and see if that position affects the Achilles. If it does, and if we help the shoulder open, what happens to the pain in the ankle? Seb’s natural response so far had been to try stretch the calf and Achilles. This, unsurprisingly hadn’t helped him as the Achilles was already under a stretch. What AiM showed us is that we need to unload it, not load it with a stretch. For a muscle/tendon/joint to unload (in motion) the another must load. The key is finding where the load needs to go. In this case today, it was right between the shoulder and ankle. It was the hip flexors. Loading them in the context of counter-extension allowed both the ankle and shoulder to breathe a sigh of relief. Going with instinctively stretching a pain isn’t always the way forward. Sometimes it tight for a reason, finding the reason and working there is the key. It’s simple. Just not easy. Thankfully, I love being a P.I. #wgfamily #irishfitfam #stretching #sportsinjury #AiM #wtf #garyward_aim #pain #strength #mobility #endurance #bjj #judo #Kyokushin #kettlebell

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I get a lot of stick for saying this, but we should treat our body like a machine.
Most people have a better relationship with their car/bike/[insert hobby machine of choice] than they do their own body.

But just like you will check your cars tyres, oil and water. You’ll get it washed, you may even hoover inside. You’ll take it for it’s annual service, more twice annually if it’s an old car.

Why don’t you do the same for your body?

Grease the bearings with movement.
Check the alignment.
Fuel the tank.
And pump up the tyres.

It might just be enough to keep you at work and in the game.


Dave Hedges

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