Improve Mobility & Flexibility with a Yoga Workshop

On December 11th, we will be hosting Yoga instructor Anne Dempsey for a workshop here at Wild Geese.

This will be the second such workshop covering a variety of poses and stretches in great detail.
All the information taught is tailored to the needs of a combat athletes, but of course is extremely useful to anyone for enhanced mobility, flexibility and injury prevention.

Bring a notepad and pen with you because the information comes thick and fast as Anne goes into great detail on each position, revealing the subtleties that take a good stretch into a great stretch.
Anne will also be teaching Somatic movements, which are a system of relaxed, “lazy” movements that have been proven to unwind and release tight muscles and postural injuries.

We are taking bookings now for the workshop, please confirm your place via email.

Date – 11th Dec 2010
Time – 1230 to 1430
Cost – members 15 euro
Cost – non members 25 euro
Payment method – Cash on the day, or in advance (20% discount o all advance payments). Payment can be accepted via (address to

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