It’s An Attitude

Just a quick word of praise for our Wild Geese fighters, specifically for the attitude shown by them.

As always the kids Judo lead the way with young Dasha picking up a “Fighter of the Day” award at a recent competition. All boys in her category? No Problem, bring it on! Then, straight home to bed as she was running a temperature.

I went to see our Muay Thai fighters compete a couple of weeks ago. With their opponents weighing in overweight our lads could have made them suffer by insisting they lose the weight before the fight, but again the attitude was Bring It On.

Great to see that Mick, the Muay Thai coach, insisted on performing the traditional ceremonies before the fight. We don’t wear uniforms, belts or titles but we are traditionalists in the sense that training was a matter of life and death for warriors, we train to emulate that.

Among our BJJ fighters, Seb competes as an amateur but has the most professional attitude to training I have ever seen.
After each competition he comes back to Dave, his conditioning coach, with a list of points he would like to improve on so Dave can write a program to achieve this.

But the old dogs still lead the way. Mick took a fight while holidaying in Thailand (and won) and has now taken on a fight here next month. I am off to the World Eskrima Championships next week (any excuse for a trip to the Philippines) and Donal, our Judo coach, well we’re running out of space to hang his medals.

Not all Wild Geese members fight in competition. Dave’s girls recently competed in a Kettlebell Lifting competition and if smiling as you come to the end of 10 minutes of Clean and Jerk isn’t giving it attitude, then I don’t know what is! Phil Roche also took part in the Kettlebell competition, his first time out with the 24kg bells, where his refusal to quit saw him secure a place representing Ireland in future international competitions.

Attitude is what we are all about.

WGMA isn’t a style, it’s an attitude.


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