Knives, the scumbag weapon of choice

I was having a look over the National Crime Council website. This is the page I stopped at:

What caught my eye was the following:

In 2007 there were 84 total homicides, of these 20 involved firearms and 38 involved sharp implements or knives.

In 2000 there were 56 homicides with 12 using firearms and only 9 knife attacks.

These are only the reported figures, I believe that the actual numbers are probably a touch higher.

But lets have a better look:

28 more people were murdered in 2007 than in 2000, that’s a 50% increase in the murder rate (the report files manslaughter and murder together for the purpose of the lists).

In 2000, the amount of people killed by a firearm was 21.4%, Sharp implements and knives were responsible for 16% of all reported murders.

Come 2007 and the firearm now claims 23.8% of victims while the knife is now responsible for 45.2%.

Guns may be easy to get and yes more people are getting killed by them, but the total percentage of people dying is just less than 3%.

Knife (and sharp implement) related deaths are up by 29%.

That’s a little worrying. I’ve spoken to many people over the years including Police officers and Garda, military and special forces operators, doormen and average Joe’s, and the majority of people seem to agree, knives are the most dangerous weapon available today.

Part of the reason is the availability, any hardware or home store sells kitchen or utility knives.
Knives are extremely concealable, silent, never run out of ammo and have 2 to 3 killing angles (point and 1 or 2 edges), whereas guns can be concealed, but it’s that bit harder, they jam, they run out of ammo and shoot only in a straight line.
Once you get out of that line you are technically out of danger, not so with a blade.

Is knife defence a good idea?
Go back over the figures, make up your own mind.

Wild Geese Martial Arts teach knife defence and blade awareness based on techniques and tactics taught to us by some of the best in the field, not just guys with “black belts” but guys who’ve been there and done it, in many cases with the scars to prove why certain techniques are less effective than others.

Wild Geese
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