Monday Mobility: Open Up Those Tight Wrists

Who doesn’t love the push up?
An iconic, classic exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime and carries a host of benefits.
A very common complaint on the push up is that it hurts the wrist, the hands flat on the floor can problematic for many.

There are a great many workarounds for this to allow you perform push ups, the simplest is to simply do them on a closed fist, or you can use dumbbells, push up handles, parallettes etc.

As a coach, I’d much rather you didn’t require a workaround, I’d much rather you trained the body to be able to assume the position.
In doing so hopefully resolving any problems in the wrist.

Working the hands and wrists is an important yet overlooked part of training.
Especially as most people no longer use their hands to their potential due to white collar jobs and urban living.

Those that I work with who perform more manual labour jobs don’t tend to have the same issues as the desk workers.
Grapplers less than punchers.
Climbers less than mountain bikers.

My point is we need to work the hands and wrists through a variety of planes of motion if we plan on keeping them healthy and strong.

This instagram video shows a very simple and highly effective mobility exercise that we all should be doing:


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One Minute Tutorial Opening and strengthening the forearm extensors and wrist. These drills used to be commonplace in the traditional martial arts, they’re getting lost now that martial arts is a sport. For anyone who punches hard, this is a must. It’s also very very useful for the office population who spend their days at a keyboard, you may not think so but your fingers are working flat out all day everyday and potentially building up a great deal of habitual tension. I say this a few times in the video, but it bears repeating a lot so l will use capitals: START EASY AND PROGRESS SLOWLY Got it? Good. #wgfamily #irishfitfam #wrist #wristmobility #wriststrength #sportsinjury #punching #muaythai #Kyokushin #karate #judo #bjj #strength #mobility #endurance

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I’d suggest working these daily if possible, they also work great as active rest between non grip intensive lifts.

If you stick them in your warm up (highly recommended) then follow them with the Pump exercise (a more dynamic Up-Down Dog from Yoga), this will tie the wrist and scapula together and get you ready for just about anything, here’s a previous blog post on the Pump:

Monday Mobility: The Pump aka Up & Down Dog


If you want more on mobilising the hands and wrists to get keep them strong and healthy, I’ve a video tutorial available on Vimeo on Demand, you can get that by clicking on this image:

a Video course

And that’s all for today.

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