Never had as Much in the Tank

Our kickboxing coach ran a grading over the weekend.
These are brutal, especially as you climb the ranks towards the coveted black belt.
Gradings involve endless sets of push ups, sometimes totalling in the region of 400, multiple rounds of bag work, skipping, pads and of course all wrapped up with several rounds of sparring.

It aint easy.

One of the attendees cam up to me with an outstretched hand just yesterday and had this to say:
“I’ve never had as much in the tank as I did over the weekend, everything you said about strength, power endurance and stamina were was bang on the button, it’s exactly how I felt. Even after 400 push ups and rounds on the bag, when we did the sparring I was still strong and able to move.
Thanks, the Bootcamp was the best thing I’ve ever done, it’s made an enormouse difference”

I was blown away so I replied, “Thankkyou, not me, It was yourself that turned up 3 mornings a week for a month, it was you who ran the laps and lifted the Kettles, you did the work”
Which is true, I only run the thing, it’s the gys and girls that do the work.

And work they do!

A “Martial Artist” may not need to be strong and fit, but a fighter does. Condidtioning is so often the deciding factor in any arena, you may take a beating for the first round, but if the guys exhausted and you’re still fresh, the tables have suddenly turned in your favour, if you tire first, the beating will continue.
Fighters are without a doubt, the most well rounded athletes, physically and mentally prepared to push through any situation. So often I hear that matial artists just need to run and do push ups, this is wrong, building strength and endurance can level the playing field, or tilt it in your favour.

If you’re interested in taking your strength and conditioning to the next level and burning a bucket load of calories, then drop us a line on
The September Camp has already started but we are taking bookings for Boot Camps starting October 11th and November 15th


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