New Kettlebell Fitness Classes at Wild Geese

Demand for the Kettlebell Fitness class at Wild Geese Martial Arts & Fitness has skyrocketed over the last month or two, to the point where I’ve been turning folk away.

This just will not do.

The good news is that there has been a time slot made available on the Saturday afternoon that we can open a new Kettlebell class.
The provisional start date for the weekend training will be Saturday 22nd May.

We’ll be running two classes back to back, beginners then Intermediate/Advanced.

Now I’m still trying to confirm the start times of these sessions as there is another instructor vying for a weekend slot, but keep a space in your diaries somewhere between 12 and 2pm, I’ll be confirming the exact times later in the week.

There will also be a classes starting at the Platinum Gym in Balbriggan. We are in final negotiations over the start times and hope to have these launched very soon. We will open the Balbriggan classes with a workshop covering the basics and go from there.

As always I will keep a cap on numbers and close the classes off to new people if it gets full.

Other kettlebell related news: We’ve put in an order with our Kettlebell supplier so in the next few weeks we will have a fresh stock of bells for you to buy and train with at home. Again, I’ll keep you posted.



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