New Web Site, New Classes

You may have noticed, the website has changed a wee bit!

We’ve been busy here at WGMA trying to bring the stuff online up to the standard of the stuff we do in our training.

It’s not easy, we’re not techies, but we’re getting there.

So take some time to have  a look about the new site, we’re pretty pleased it.
We’re still working on it, we’ve a few instructor profiles missing and more stuff to go into the shop page, but that’ll be fixed as soon as.

One thing you may notice in the “Other Martial Arts” page is a new class.

We’re pleased to now host a Katori Shinto Ryu class every Saturday morning under the tutelage of GianCarlo Sanchez.
We’ve seen him in action and he’s a dedicated practitioner of this historical Japanese warrior art.

Feel free to drop in and try a session with him.
Here’s a link to his page.

We hope to have more content coming out as soon as we can and get this blog busy again.


Wild Geese


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