New Wild Geese Training Gear!!

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New Wild Geese Stock


It’s finally arrived!!


Wild Geese members and fans can now own their own wild geese branded training kit!

We have a limited stock of the following items that have just been delivered to our door TODAY!


·         Boxing Gloves (30 / pair)

·         MMA Gloves (30 / pair)

·         MMA Rash Guards (20)

·         MMA Shorts (20)

·         Wild Geese Hoodies (30)

·         Shin & Instep Pads (30)– These are especially cool as the instep portion is removable so you can wear the kickboxing pad instead.


All this as well as our normal training t shirts and eskrima sticks.


Stocks are limited, however we will be ordering more soon.


Keep an eye on

I’ll get the gear photographed and loaded onto the site with options to purchase via Paypal.




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Wild Geese Martial Arts T-Shirts
Quality training t-shirts available in s/m/l/xl
€12 each


Kettlebell Standard.JPG


Cast Steel Kettlebells.

Sizes available:
4,8,12,16,20,24 & 28 kg
Cost €2.50/kg


“There are no other bells this good in Ireland” Shane,


No Equipment No Excuses Cover 1.jpg

No Equipment, No Excuses
Bodyweight Training for the home, office & on the road

Fitness eBook by Dave Hedges


Over 200 illustrations with detailed descriptions.

Learn the best bodyweight drills for improving strength, flexibility and mobility with no equipment and no excuses

Price €15

Click here to purchase


Essential Sports Fuel™
Pure Energy™
Whey Better Protein™

Essential Sports Fuel™

Essential Sports Fuel – For energy, recovery, endurance, strength, lean muscle and reduced muscle soreness.


Pure Energy™


PURE ENERGY™ – Isotonic fluid replacement, recovery, endurance and carbohydrate loading.

Whey Better Protein™


Whey Better™ Protein – For improved recovery and the creation of a positive nitrogen balance. Maintains strength and muscular gains.



All Proceeds go to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society

This CD contains articles from the leading fitness specialists of our day including:

Adam Campbell; Alan Aragon; Bill Hartman; Bob Youngs; Brian Grasso; Chad Waterbury; Charles Staley; Chris Mohr; Chris Shugart; Craig Ballantyne; Dan John; Dave Tate; Dax Moy; The Doorman; Eric Cressey; Gray Cook; Brett Jones; Harry Selkow; Jack Reape; James Smith; Jason C Brown; Jim "Smitty" Smith; Jason Ferruggia; Jimmy Smith; Joe DeFranco; Joe Dowdell; Joe Stankowski; John Alvino; John Berardi; Julia Ladewski; Keith Scott; Lee Taft; Lori Incledon; Lou Schuler; Lyle McDonald; Mark Philippi; Michael Stare; Mike Boyle; Mike Mahler; Mike Mejia; Mike Robertson; Mike Rousell; Nick Grantham; Pat Beith; Pavel Tsatsouline; Rachel Cosgrove; Robert Dos Remedios; Ryan Lee; Steve Shafley; Susan Hill; TC Luoma; Todd Hamer; Tony Gentilcore; Tony Reynolds and Zach Even-Esh

We originally intended to publish this collection as a book. However – at over 800 pages – costs were prohibitive and we went with the CD option to maximize our contribution.


All the best


The Wild Geese



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