Pekiti Tirsia Workshop with Bill McGrath

Wild Geese have the rare honour of hosting Pekiti Tirisa instructor Bill
He will be visiting Ireland in April and has offered to teach a class. He's
only here for 3 days so we've scheduled the Tuesday 27th April, from 6 to
8pm in place of our regular Eskrima class.

Bill is a man with over 30 years martial arts experience and 20 years
applying this experience on the mean streets as a Law Enforcement officer.
If you're unaware of the effectiveness of Pekitit Tirsia Eskrima, it is the
fighting system of choice for many Filipino military and Law Enforcement
agencies, most notable the elite Force Recon Unit trained by Pekiti Tirsia
top man, Leo Gaje.

I'd like to open this session up to everyone with an interest in FMA,
regardless of experience and background. In accordance to the wishes of the
Philippine Council of Kali, Eskrima, Arnis Instructors, there will be no
politics or cold shouldering, just a brotherhood of like minded martial
artists learning from each other.

As Bill isn't asking for any money for teaching this workshop, I'm going to
leave it up to the participants to decide how much they are willing to pay,
our regular class cost is €10, so I'd expect at least this from everybody.

After the event, we will retire to the pub to let Bill experience the real
flavour of Ireland, it's Guinness.

Please spread the word and get in touch to confirm your place.
We will be hosting Bill at Wild Geese, there is a map to our location on the
website (
> click here).

Feel free to contact me by <> email, phone or
<> facebook.


Dave Hedges

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