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In the town of Kildare there lives a little girl.

She’s sick.

I mean really sick.

The poor thing is not even 2 years old has to have help with breathing.

She was (and maybe still is) the record holder for the longest ever case of Swine Flu in the world. She survived, just.
The doctors said she wouldn’t. But she takes after her dad, she’s a fighter.

Her Dad is a friend of the Wild Geese, we know him from working on the Doors around Dublin, he’s a stand up guy, the kind of guy you’d walk into any scenario with, he’d never let you down.
His name is Seamus O Droigneain, or Shay for short.

Shay and his instructor came up with the idea of performing martial arts displays in order to raise funds so that his daughter, Lia Leigh Ni Droigneain, might be able to get life saving stem cell surgery.

When Shay got on the phone to us, we didn’t hesitate to say yes, we’d go down and support their demo.

Over the coming year Shay, Keith and the Wild Geese will be getting together to perform various Martial Arts displays, hopefully we can raise the cash to get Lia the treatment she needs.

I’m going to have a box added to so that people can donate, I’ll also be putting out updates as to when we will be next performing. I’d also like to offer anyone wishing to host us for a workshop on Doce Pares Eskrima, Kenpo Cubano, Kettlebell Lifting and / or Bodyweight training, we will donate our entire fee (sans travel costs) to the Breaking for Lia fund.

For now here’s some footage from the Demo’s

Shay / Kieth breaking:

Wild Geese Doce Pares Eskrima – On Fire!

You can help.

“every cause but our own”


Dave Hedges

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