Smug B*****d

I got this in an email the orther day, it’s from a guy called Jason Ferrugia pretending to talk about his training but really bragging about what a great holiday he’s having.
Smug git. Anyhow, it does give you a few ideas about holiday training, so while he’s out enjoying himself and I’m stuck home working for a living, we’re both keeping in shape, getting stronger and fitter.

Read on and be as envious as I am:

I recently had the pleasure of spending
an extended, Memorial Day weekend down
in the great city of Austin, Texas. For anyone who has never been, I highly recommend it. Among numerous other things to do, you definitely need to check out the museums, catch a flick a nd dinner at The Alamo Draft House, grab some food and drinks at The Oasis on Lake Travis, and go experience the incredible live music scene on Sixth Street. If Bob Shneider is playing, do yourself a favor and get a ticket. Thanks to Chad Thompson for that great recommendation.

Two of my favorite things in life are
training and good music and Austin
combined both of these passions perfectly.
Austin is a very fit and healthy city as evidenced by all the hiking, biking and walking trails around which we definitely took great advantage of. It is also known as the live music capital of the world and you can see every kind of music imaginable being performed in the countless bars downtown.

My only warning would be to those of
you that don’t deal with heat too well
to wait until October to visit. It was
at least a hundred and fifty thousand
degrees during the time we were there.

With so many great things to see and do it would have been easy to skip training while exploring Austin. That’s the great thing about the Muscle Gaining Secrets workouts and the style of training that I have developed over the last 14 years.
It takes very little time to get in a
great workout that will help build muscle and burn fat. On day two we did a quick 20 minute workout in the room following some of my Home Gym Warrior and bodyweight only training principles. With my Jungle Gym and TNT Cables safely packed for the trip this time we were able to get in a great training session in the comfort of our own hotel room without taking away too much time from sightseeing and having fun.

On day four of our trip we made our way over to Hyde Park Gym, thanks to the recommendation from Jake Andrews. It was a great hardcore style gym, which I highly recommend. Definitely my kind of scene.
Again, we had a full agenda of stuff we wanted to do so we wanted to get in and out of the gym quickly. Thanks to my time saving training system we got everything done in less than thirty minutes and were on the roof of The Iron Cactus eating our post workout meal and enjoying the sunshine in no time.

With summer right around the corner nobody wants to spend countless hours in the gym.
There are too many fun things to do and see. But we all still want to look good at the beach. The great news is that you can have fun this summer and still look great with my time efficient workouts and nutrition plans in Muscle Gaining Secrets.
Three days per week, 30-45 minutes and
you’re done! After that you won’t have to be ashamed to take off your shirt at the next pool party.

There’s still five weeks ’til the Fourth of July; plenty of time to get in great shape for summer.

Go to
now to get started today.

Be relentless,
Jason Ferruggia
Performance Enhancement Specialist
Chief Training Adviser, Men’s Fitness Magazine Author, Media Spokesperson, Consultant

Thanks J, can’t wait to see the photo’s


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any cause but our own

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