Steve Cotter coming to Ireland

Steve Cotter, president of the IKFF, former Full Contact world champion, Kettlebell lifter, a man that laughs in the face of human potential and sickeningly nice guy, wants to come back to Ireland.

However, it is at very short notice.

Steve was over earlier in the year to run his CKT (Certified Kettlebell instructor) course, he liked what he saw and wishes to come back. This time will not be a certification but will be a full day’s training in his methods including Mobility/Flexibility, Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Animal Movements and Chi Gung.

He is a walking testimonial to his own methods, a man who has possibly the most well rounded training style possible, mixing ridiculous strength with phenomenal flexibility and work capacity and endurance to beat the band.

To say I respect the man is an understatement.

We haven’t yet confirmed the exact content of the course, or even the duration. We do know that it will be on the weekend of the 27th & 28th of THIS MONTH (November).

Now here’s the deal, Steve charges a set price, one that will be divided equally amongst those that participate in the workshop.

I will only confirm the course if we can get 10 names, this will cost €300 per head, more people will reduce this price.

Here’s an idea of what to expect:

And maybe:

get in touch ASAP we need you to confirm your place so i can confirm Steve’s flights.


Dave Hedges

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