Strength & Injury Prevention for MMA & BJJ

Right you lot, we’re looking for interest here:

We’ve been watching the JuJitsu guys train for the last while and seen them become a force to be reckoned with inn the Irish MMA scene. We’ve also seen the kinds of injuries they regularly pick up and the grumbling injuries their instructors live with on a daily basis.
There is no doubt the the “Gentle Art” of JuJitsu is hard on the body.

So we have decided to get together a crack team of experts to run a 1 day seminar on all things injury related in the hope that we can put out enough information for each attendee to take home and apply in their training.

The line up will include, but not limited to:
  • Paul Cox – Joint Mobility, Strength Training
  • Dave Hedges – Structural Integrity, Power Development, Injury prevention.
  • Anne Dempsey – Yoga stretches and sequences for opening the hip and shoulder girdles, spinal health. Recovery practices
  • Mark Sexton (possibly) – Mark has a wealth of experience as a martial artists and physiotherapist, he always brings good info.

The line up may change depending on instructor availability and of course the level of interest.
This will most likely run in August, so please get in touch by this time next week (Monday 18th) so that we can start the ball rolling.

Till then, here’s some motivation:

Wild Geese

P.S. – All classes this Saturday and Sunday are cancelled due to Strength & Conditioning Expert Steve Cotter holding a two day seminar, if you need more info, contact Dave H.

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