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Putting The Boot In

I WISH the military looked like this

I have been known, on many occasions to stand and take the piss out of these “military” bootcamp classes that are all the rage right now.
I find the marketing and hype far outstrips the actual quality of training, and as for any resemblance to actual military training…. Lets not even go there!
So I find it slightly embarrassing to announce that I will be running a Bootcamp of my own.

I’m not embarrassed by the training on offer, or the fact it will be an early morning group program. I’m embarrassed to call it a bootcamp, but as that is what the market wants, it’s what the market gets.

Why a Bootcamp?
One of the Wild Geese kick boxers has been asking me to give him extra conditioning training for some time now, but he could never get to any of my classes and was too busy to make a private slot. So he chatted to a few people, including other kick boxers and came up with the Bootcamp idea.
And here we are.

What to expect
Because a fighter asked for this, it is built around the fighters needs. But what does that mean for a non combat athlete?
It means, that if you are willing to work hard and push yourself, you will be trained as fighter is trained. The advantage of this is simple, you will never find a more well rounded and complete athlete, someone who is strong, powerful, explosive, enduring and agile. Someone with a body that can not only deliver devastating power, but also absorb it. A body that remains powerful even when pushed to extreme fatigue.
And because form follows function, it will look lean and powerful. It will move smoothly, cat like, ready to explode into action at a moments notice.

The 4 week program start on the 28th June, all payments must be in by the 25th (1 week from today). The camp will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7am. You will be done by 8am, sometimes earlier.
The camp intensity will build to a crescendo in week 3 and then taper down in week 4 as a few of the participants have a fight booked on the 24th July.

If you wish to experience the training needed to step into a ring, or if you are looking for a serious kick up the arse with your training, then here’s what you must do:
Email me (info@wildgeesema.com), phone me (087 672 6090) or message me on facebook (www.facebook.com/wgma.dave) to register your interest.

You will then need to pay, all payments will be taken in advance, the only refund opportunity will be if you are injured, in which case you will get 100% back. If you quit or get kicked out, you get nothing.
The cost for the 4 week (12 sessions) is €147. This works out at €7 per session.
Existing, regular, Wild Geese members receive a 33% discount.
Wild Geese Fighters with a date coming up train for free.
If you are not a Wild Geese Fighter, but have an event (doesn’t have to be a fight) on the horizon and wish to add this camp to your preparation, come in and talk to me.

This is NOT a military style bootcamp.
This is a training program for highly motivated individuals.

Wild Geese is an Attitude, if you have it, you will survive, if you don’t, don’t bother showing up at all.



Where did the week go?

Do you ever sit and wonder where the time goes?

Today is Friday, it’s almost the weekend and it feels like the last few days never happened!
However I can look at my training log and see that I have completed my scheduled training sessions on Mon and Wed, I can look at my other log books and see that I’ve had a dozen or more clients in and I can see exactly what they’ve done and on which day they did it.

So while the week feels like a blur, I can actually see the amount of work done in simple black and white.

Such is the benefit of keeping a log.

It means you never have to guess. I know that on Monday I performed a total of 21 reps in  the front squat, the time before that I hit 18. I know that today I have to hit 22+ using the same weight.
I can tell you that last friday I missed a workout, I had pain and stiffness that just would not loosen up so instead of the Deadlifts I had planned I did a mobility session.
This was all noted in my log book.

I’m going to ask you, do you keep a note of your training?

I’m guessing most of you don’t, you try to remember what it is you did on any given day. I have to tell you, if you’re looking to make improvements in performance, you’d better start writing down your results.

How else do you know if what you’re doing is working as well as you think it is?

Anyhow, this weeks saturday session:
It’s going to be a little later as I’ve clients in the morning.
So I’ll be in the Phoenix Park, by the old fort (crossing of the Military Road and Khyber Road) for 14.30.

Last week was fun, I’m already looking forward to getting out this weekend.

When You go down to the….

Bushy Park on a Saturday morning, you’re sure for a big surprise!!

This weeks “Saturday Session” was in Bushy Park, a place where I’ve often been to do my own conditioning work, but never on a Saturday morning. Boy was I missing out!

The park was heaving.

There were:
A Running Club
A Bootcamp

A Football Team

and a huge amount of Dog Walkers.

And I have to say, with the exception of the dog walkers, everyone was, well, jogging.

What’s wrong with that?, you may ask…
And my answer would be, nothing at all. Unless, you’re training for fat loss or any sport other than distance running.

I could go into what each group was doing, or should have been doing, but that would be unfair. They were all out getting exercise and fresh air, and fair play to them.
The running group would most likely be the only group to achieve their goals (better running times), the rest, well, keep trying.

I was there for my Saturday Session. This is for me a deload, no pressures of teaching and instructing, no heavy weights to lift, or bags to hit, just me, my body, the fresh air and maybe a bit of your company.
Today I was joined by a long time client of mine, who also helps out with some of the boring paperwork jobs at Wild Geese, Nicola.

So after watching the “Bootcampers” scurry about like a herd of sheep, admired the work ethic of some of the runners and spoke to a few of the Dogs, we got to work.

We started at the bottom of the hill, looking up at the kids playground, a distance of maybe 25-30 meters, of wet grass and mud. Sweeet..

I set my countdown timer for 15 minutes, we then knocked out as many rounds as possible of the following workout:

1. Single Leg Deadlift (or Airborne Lunge) x 5 L/R

2. Sprint to the top of the hill

3. Press up, any variation x 10
(learn more about these exercises by clicking here)
Jog down and repeat until the buzzer goes.

Short, brutal and effective. We both had shaky legs and were gasping for air at the finish.

Too warm down we wandered into the wooded area and practiced a little Chi Gung. Nicola is a keen student of Tai Chi and I believe that Chi gung is one of the fastest ways to recover after a hard session. My legs were feeling fresh again and I felt energised and ready for anything.

If you wish to join the fun next Saturday, make sure to check in on my Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

Till then, keep working hard


Steve Maxwell in Ireland 2010

Steve MaxwellIt gives me great pleasure to be able to announce that Mr Steve Maxwell, the “Maxercist” has been in touch.

He is in Europe next year and asked if I’d like to set up a seminar with him.
Of course I agreed, Steve has been a huge influence on my own training ever since I came across his work several years ago.

So, just who is Steve?
He’s a man with around 40 years in the Strength& Conditioning industry
He’s one of the 1st to gain a black belt from the Gracie juJitsu school
He was one of the first Americans to win the Brazilian juJitsu world championships
He was one of the first kettlebell coaches in the US
He’s the Go-To guy for UFC fighter, Diego Sanchez
He’s in his 50’s yet shows no signs of slowing down, he can still out perform most lads less than half his age.

He knowledge of Bodyweight training, Kettlebell Training, Joint Mobility and general fitness is unparalleled.

And he will be at Wild Geese HQ, Pearse St, Dublin for the weekend of July 3rd and 4th 2010.
This is a video teaser from one of his other seminars, but you’ll get the idea:
Here’s another video showing Steve training UFC fighter Diego Sanchez:

Please register your interest by emailing info@wildgeesma.com with Steve Maxwell in the subject line.


Dave Hedges

Old School Bodyweight Training

I just found this over on Underground Strength Coach, Zach Evan-Esh’s blog.

If you’re not aware who Zach is, well he’s a larger than life character who love old school strength training, hardcore weight lifting and bodyweight training.

He recently posted this video, I love it, so I’m sharing it with you lot.



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When there’s no excuses, there are no limits

It’s bank holiday Sunday, the sun is shining, I’ve no appointments to keep, what should I do?

Well chillin out is the first choice but the weathers too good to waste, so…….

Here’s today’s impromptu No Equipment workout:

· Out the front door and fast 20 min run to and along the beach. Great warm up, plus agility work as the beach has some seriously big rocks to jump over.
· Down to the seafront on the rocks. Find a couple that looked about right for 10 Hindu Pushups, immediately followed by 10 Divebombers.
· Jump across to a flat bit and 25 Hindu squats facing one way, followed by 25 facing the other (ground wasn’t completely flat so I turned around after the first 25 for the sake of evenness)
· Spotted two big rocks spaced just right to do a couple of 1arm/1leg pushups per side
· Jumped over to the flat section for a couple of pistol squats per side

Then I remembered the soccer pitch just up the hill so away I went and did 5 sets of:
· 50m sprint to the goal post
· 5 “maxercist” burpees (a Hindu push up followed by a jump to the crossbar for a pull up)

Then I jogged slowly home. Very slowly.

Door to door in 50 minutes.

I was tired going out, but feel refreshed and powerful now. Tiredness is not an excuse.


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How Bodyweight Saved my Back

A few years ago I injured my SI joint (Sacroiliac, where the spine and hip join), closely followed with a herniated disk.
This was about the last time I lifted heavy iron.

It was also the time I began to take bodyweight training more seriously. I always kept fit with bodyweight, but never used it for strength purposes. Until I got injured.

With the back injuries came sciatica, limited range of movement in the hip, scoliosis and a whole heap of pain. Serious training was out the window, but you think I’d give up?

I decided to use bodyweight to rehab myself. Nearly every bodyweight drill involves using the core and I badly needed to build my core if I was ever going to get myself back on track.

I chose two exercises and stole Pavel’s Russian ladder training protocol. The drills I chose were:
Pull ups – About the only pain free thing I could do, hanging from a bar was great relief for the back. As I got stronger I hung weight from a belt.
1 Arm Pushups – The best upperbody strength builder. The advantage of this is the torsional stress across the core. Performing a right handed 1 arm pushup places weight on the left foot, this puts the core under pressure to stop the spine getting all twisted.

The ladder protocol is easy. Do 1 pull up, drop and do one push up, each arm. Do 2 pull ups, 2 push ups on each arm. Do 3 pull ups…. you get the idea.
As soon as you can’t complete a set, start back at 1 pull, 1 push.
I varied the intensity over the three training days to avoid over doing it and ensure progress was made.

In no time at all my back started to ease up. The strength built, mainly from the 1 Arm Pushups, was supporting the injury. Mobility started to return and i gently began doing bodyweight squats, then pistol squats.

After about a year of this I switched back to lifting Iron, just to see how I felt. I was stronger than I’d ever been in my life on the overhead press and I deadlifted just short of my previous best, although I could feel the injury warning me not to go any further.

So there you go. My success story with bodyweight only training.

If you want to build a strong body, you have to start with the core, build it from the inside out. Bodyweight does this, it is the purest form of training and the body responds best to it.

Hit the comments button below and share your own story’s


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Feedback for No Equipment, No Excuses

Feedback for No Equipment, No Excuses is already coming in and it’s only just gone live!

That say to me that there is a bigger demand than I first thought for information regarding correct and proper bodyweight training methods.
While I admit I first started putting the manual together for my own reference and had to be talked into selling it online (it’s kinda scary putting yourself in the spotlight!), I am very pleased, if a little taken aback by the response I’m getting for it.

At first I just wanted to compile a collection of the best Bodyweight exercises and drills available. Stuff that I’d used on the road or turned to when time was just too short to get to the gym and back.
I spent a lot of time looking for drills that will work strength, build muscle, create stamina and endurance, and basically work every part of the human body.
While the volume is by no means complete, it is a great start point and more than enough for most.

What I want to stress is that you study the pictures and read the descriptions, more than once. Proper form and range of motion is important, the last thing I need on my conscience is a list of people calling me up with injuries!

So train safe, train hard and enjoy the No Equipment, No Excuses lifestyle.


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Author: No Equipment, No Excuses – Bodyweight training for the Home, Office or on the Road
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