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Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop – Lifting for Lia

On the 2nd Feb a group of fighters and fitness enthusiasts all gathered together at Wild Geese HQ for a Kettlebell Basics workshop.

It’s something I had been promising for a while, but as I’m so busy, often forget to arrange until too close to the date.

This time though it was different.

Our resident Kickboxing coach, Ronan McSweeny, had actually requested that I run a workshop as he’d seen me using them, had a go and thought, this could help.

So he put word out amongst his crew and then said “Dave, need to run a workshop”

Who am I to argue with the Irish, 4 Nations and World Full Contact belt title holder?

We set a date and I got to work.

The result was a cracking afternoon with attendance from a wide range of people, Kickboxers, Brazillian JuJitsu players, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, fitness enthusiasts and our intrepid Judo Coach.

There were one or two cancelled late on but have since paid up and one or two who handed over cash even though they knew they wouldn’t be in attendance.

Why would they do such a thing?

Because all the money raised on the day was to be donated to the Lia Stem Cell Fund (www.liastemcellfund.com), I’ve written about this poor girl before, but please click the link, you’ll find a whole heap of info on fundraising events and even instructions on how to donate directly into the fund.

We raised a little over €200 on the day. Future workshops will raise even more.

But back to the day….
After a joint mobility warm up participants were taken in detail through the three foundation movements in kettlebell lifting, the Squat, the Swing and the Press.
Over a 2 hour period the gathered crowd learned, listened, asked questions and practiced these drills until each and every one of them had a thorough understanding of the hows and why’s of the methods taught.

This all culminated in a short workout using the same 3 moves.

I’ve since decided to call the workshop my Level 1. I will be expanding on this with further workshops until the participant has enough knowledge and experience under his or her belt to become a certified instructor.

Unlike any other certification I’ve seen, the completion of the workshop does not guarantee a pass. I will expect you to teach a seminar or class of beginners (including myself) before the title of Coach is bestowed upon you.

It is a title that can and will be rescinded if misrepresented.

At Wild Geese we take our reputation very seriously.

That said, I will be running another Level 1 workshop on the 7th March, between 12 and 2pm.

Cost will be €20 per head, all going into www.liastemcellfund.com

To book your place either email me on info@wildgeesema.com or drop me a line on 087 672 6090.

You can also book me to run a workshop at your own club/gym/venue. I’ll still donate the cash.



Steve Cotter and the Wild Geese

It’s been a long time coming but Steve Cotter, president of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (www.IKFF.net) has just landed at Dublin airport. He’s in Ireland to teach his Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 1 course. A course that since it’s launched has picked up the reputation as being the premier Kettlebell lifting certification to attend.

This is the first time it will have been run in Ireland.

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Last Call for Steve Cotter’s Irish CKT


This is simply a reminder that world renowned Kettlebell coach and president of the IKFF, Mr Steve Cotter, will in Ireland on the 12 & 13 of this month.
This is the first time Steve will have been in Ireland and it makes me very proud to be allowed host the first Kettlebell Instructor certification of this calibre at the Wild Geese HQ, Dublin.
To guarantee your place please drop Kathy a line on Phone: 001888897IKFF or Email: kathy.martinez@ikff.net.

Alternatively visit http://ikff.net/ckt-00068.php

Here’s what to expect:

Level 1 – There are no prerequisites for this course, so attendance is open to anyone interested in learning Steve’s unique and multi-modal approach to kettlebell lifting. Regardless of your fitness goal, Steve will cover how kettlebell training can best fit your needs – general fitness, competitive sport, sports specific conditioning and more.

As a certification, we have 3 high level goals:

Mastery of the basics – You will learn all the fundamental kettlebell exercises, several variations and most importantly, the key physical training principles underlying and associated with each movement.

Coaching skills – In addition to learning how to take your own fitness to higher levels, you will learn how to coach others safely and effectively utilizing a process Steve has refined over several years and thousands of clients. We realize that a successful coach is more than just understanding fitness, it’s knowing how to teach it as well.

Business/Marketing skills – Although this certification is primarily about improving physical performance and coaching skills, it would not be complete without a module on how to effectively market yourself and grow your fitness based business.


Professionally Organized – Upon registering through our website,
(www.ikff.net) all registrants will receive a pre-certification e-manual. This will review the content of the course, timeline for the weekend (which modules are taught and at what time), preparation tips and more. We ensure our events are scheduled and organized in a manner that gives you the best return on your investment.

Learn By Doing format – Repetition is often said to be the mother of skill. Therefore, registrants will not only learn the mechanics and principles behind each exercise, they will also have an abundance of time to practice these movements and receive customized feedback from Steve and the IKFF team.

Post Certification Support – Our primary core value at the IKFF is member support. Thus, you will always have access to Steve and his team of advisors going forward in regard to any questions you may have. In addition, you will be listed on our website as an IKFF Certified Coach.
This will include name, e-mail, website, picture and bio. If a prospective client is interested in finding a coach in your area, they will find you!

Continued Education – We will continue to offer advanced level courses for our members. With the IKFF, you have an organization that will stay on the cutting edge and act as a consistently evolving resource for you and your clients.

09.30 til 17.00 hrs both days.

See you there

Dave Hedges