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Race For Life, Raising Money for Cancer Research

The following is a message from Kez Hedges.
She will be taking part in the Race For Life event to raise money for Cancer Research.
I ask you to support her, here’s what she has to say:

Thank you very much for visiting this important page – you are already a star for coming here. If you sponsor me then you are officially an angel.
My friend Liz challenged me to enter the Race for Life event with her and I just couldn’t say no. I am not the fittest person in the world and have entered late but will be doing my best to get healthier before the event. I will even give up chocolate a week beforehand!!

  1. I am taking part in Race for Life for four reasons:
    In memory of my Uncle who lost his battle to Prostate Cancer last Christmas and I miss him.
  2. For my cousin who has had cancer and currently has the all clear. I would love to think that a cure could be found when it eventually returns, which sadly it will.
  3. To raise money for more and more research into cancer.
  4. To become healthier than I am now.

I know times are tough but please dig deep and sponsor me to make a fool of myself – I even promise to wear something pink and fluffy!! Every penny you give will go directly to Cancer Research UK and help with their life saving work.

Oh, and don’t forget that if you are a UK taxpayer please tick the Gift Aid box when you donate. Do this and the charity gets even more money – an extra 25%.

So please sponsor me and help make a real difference
Thanks for you support – it means a lot :0)

As she is my sister, and she’s running on behalf of my Uncle and Cousin, I’d like to donate 50% of each sale of the eBook, No Equipment, No Excuses, to her chosen charity.

So either click on this link to sponsor her directly, or this one to buy the book and automatically donate €7.50 to her cause.

So there’s two ways you can support her.


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When there’s no excuses, there are no limits

It’s bank holiday Sunday, the sun is shining, I’ve no appointments to keep, what should I do?

Well chillin out is the first choice but the weathers too good to waste, so…….

Here’s today’s impromptu No Equipment workout:

· Out the front door and fast 20 min run to and along the beach. Great warm up, plus agility work as the beach has some seriously big rocks to jump over.
· Down to the seafront on the rocks. Find a couple that looked about right for 10 Hindu Pushups, immediately followed by 10 Divebombers.
· Jump across to a flat bit and 25 Hindu squats facing one way, followed by 25 facing the other (ground wasn’t completely flat so I turned around after the first 25 for the sake of evenness)
· Spotted two big rocks spaced just right to do a couple of 1arm/1leg pushups per side
· Jumped over to the flat section for a couple of pistol squats per side

Then I remembered the soccer pitch just up the hill so away I went and did 5 sets of:
· 50m sprint to the goal post
· 5 “maxercist” burpees (a Hindu push up followed by a jump to the crossbar for a pull up)

Then I jogged slowly home. Very slowly.

Door to door in 50 minutes.

I was tired going out, but feel refreshed and powerful now. Tiredness is not an excuse.


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Get out of the Gym and Become a Warrior

Training outdoors, or at home beats the commercial gym any day of the week.
You’ve no ques, no waiting for kit, no crowds of people, no idle chit chat, no artificial fluorescent lights and no air conditioning.

All day most of us a cooped up in and artificial environment with air conditioners sucking moisture from our lungs and fluorescent tubes giving us headaches.
We’re surrounded by people talking, chatting, wasting time, moaning and complaining, sucking away at our energy.
Is it any wonder that at the end of a long day driving a mouse around a computer screen we’re all exhausted?

This I why the No Equipment, No Excuses lifestyle is more relevant now than ever before.
We have more choice now than any other generation in the history of man. But where is it getting us?
Technology has given us ergonomically designed machines in which to train our bodies, yet we are fatter with poorer posture and more bad backs than ever before. Something is just not right.

We need to take a step back. To a time where we had to use our bodies to survive. We need to start doing the moves that our ancestors would use in their daily battle to make it through the day.
They had no fancy kit and they certainly had no excuses!

Getting outside in the fresh air either before or after a day in the office can have a massive effect on your health and well being.
Fresh air, sunlight, nature. These are all things the body needs. Get into your garden or the local park and get busy.
You can get a complete session done in as little as 10 Min’s, and rarely is their need to go longer than 45 Min’s, and believe me, once you get cracking, you won’t notice the wind or the rain!!

You’ll feel like a warrior of old. You’ll be mentally and physically refreshed, ready for anything.


Dave Hedges
Author: No Equipment, No Excuses – Bodyweight training for the Home, Office or on the Road
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Feedback for No Equipment, No Excuses

Feedback for No Equipment, No Excuses is already coming in and it’s only just gone live!

That say to me that there is a bigger demand than I first thought for information regarding correct and proper bodyweight training methods.
While I admit I first started putting the manual together for my own reference and had to be talked into selling it online (it’s kinda scary putting yourself in the spotlight!), I am very pleased, if a little taken aback by the response I’m getting for it.

At first I just wanted to compile a collection of the best Bodyweight exercises and drills available. Stuff that I’d used on the road or turned to when time was just too short to get to the gym and back.
I spent a lot of time looking for drills that will work strength, build muscle, create stamina and endurance, and basically work every part of the human body.
While the volume is by no means complete, it is a great start point and more than enough for most.

What I want to stress is that you study the pictures and read the descriptions, more than once. Proper form and range of motion is important, the last thing I need on my conscience is a list of people calling me up with injuries!

So train safe, train hard and enjoy the No Equipment, No Excuses lifestyle.


Dave Hedges
Author: No Equipment, No Excuses – Bodyweight training for the Home, Office or on the Road
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It’s Not What You Know

It’s how well you know it.

As martial artists grow and gain experience they are often looking for the next new piece of info, the newest technique, the next drill.

In fact the opposite should be done. Strip away the excess, loose the junk and use the extra time to work on the things that really work.

Forget fancy, go for simple. Review the techniques and drills you have, are they of any use? Will they work for you in the real world? It will nearly always the things you learned when you were a white belt.
Why do we get taught fancy stuff? Usually to keep students interested, that’s not completely true. Advanced techniques are necessary, but they should build directly on the foundation of the basics, they should be ways of making the basics more effective, not replacing them.

If strength and fitness are included in your training (and why wouldn’t they be?) then the problem is compounded further. Just open a muscle magazine or look on youtube for some of the weirdest exercises ever conceived. Things that do nothing more than waste time that could be better spent on more productive endeavours.
The funniest are from the “functional fitness” people, but they will never be as functionally fit or strong as a grappler/boxer or strongman competitor who does non of the strange circus tricks often advocated (Bent over rows while balancing on a bosu ball anyone?)

Stick to the basics. Get results. End of.

PS Don’t forget, No Equipment, No Excuses – Bodyweight training for the home, office or on the road is on special offer for the next two weeks only, get it while it’s cheap!It will show you the best bodyweight only drills to complement your daily life, with progressions from beginner to advanced, with no fancy b*ll*cks.


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