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3rd British Filipino Martial Arts Festival

The last two FMA Festivals were incredible, this one promises to even bigger and better again.
To be able to get 16 of the top Filipino Martial Arts masters together on one room for the event of the year is simply not to be missed.
The event is fully supported by the British Council of Kali, Eskrima, Arnis Instructors (BCKEAI), which of course is supported by the Philippine Council.
What does that mean?
It means that every instructor has the backing of a genuine Filipino Grand master, there are no fakes here. If you want to increase your understanding of FMA or you just want to witness some of the best, not just in Britain, but world standard eskrimador’s, DO NOT miss this event.
Wild Geese Martial Arts are about good quality instruction, we don’t promote anything that we don’t think is worth while, or any products that we don’t use. That’s a promise.
So if we say the FMA festival is not to be missed, then IT IS NOT TO BE MISSED.
any cause but our own

PS Don’t forget that Steve Tappin of Escrima Concepts will be in Dublin on the 4&5th May. He will be presenting some of the best blade awareness and if you like “RBSD” style FMA. We all know the Filipino’s have some of the best weapon defence in the world, Steve has spent the time adjusting it to suit the European mindset. And yes, it’s been field tested.

Details: www.wildgeesema.com/WGMA-seminars.htm

Escrima Concepts Semiar – Confirmed

Eskrima Concepts Seminar
Martial Art, Self Defence, Security & Sport
Master Steve Tappin
Sat 3rd May, 11am – 5 pmSun 4th May, 11am – 3pm
One day €50, 2 Days (Pre book) €80, 2 Days (on Door) €100
Places Are Limited
Venue to be confirmed
Master Steve Tappin Has taken time out of his busy schedule (click here to see how busy) to come to Dublin for the 1st Escrima concepts seminar in Ireland.
Steve travels extensively through out Europe and the rest of the world in teaching his tried and tested methods of armed and unarmed combat to Police and security forces as well as civilian martial arts groups.
Here’s an excerpt from his flyer:
· Escrima Concepts works from concepts NOT techniques, enhanced with a syllabus, theory and strategies.
· Escrima Concepts is weapon independent. This enables the practitioner to use a whole range of weapons.
· Escrima Concepts enables the practitioner to defend against both armed and unarmed assailants.
· Escrima Concepts strengthens the practitioner’s mental strength through a unique training method.
· Escrima Concepts has several professional run tournaments every year.
· All Escrima Concepts instructors have to be approved by the chief instructor.
· Escrima Concepts gives you a chance to train a weapon system that is both traditional and modern.
· Escrima Concepts provide training for Police and Security
· Escrima Concepts provide Blade Awareness and Environmental Training (including stress control and avoiding conflicts)
· Escrima Concepts is a worldwide organisation.
· Escrima Concepts is a Founding Member of the WMAA (Alliance) and the EHCG (European Historical Combat Guild)
Only one that reguarly trains with weapons has a chance against an armed assailant!
for more info:
phone +353 87 672 6090
any cause but our own