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Why I’ve been quiet and the Saturday Session

I’ve not been posting much recently, but rest assured I’m not slacking!

I wouldn’t leave you alone without a good reason. One reason is the weekend away I just had with ESTS, another are the two projects I’m working on for you.

One is a series of Kettlebell workshops running from level 1 through to level 5. As I grew up in the martial arts, these levels will be assigned a colour, as in the coloured belts I grew up trying to achieve.
By the time a student has completed all 5 levels he, or she will have attained Black Belt, or in other words, Mastery of the Basics.
I will also be working on a further level after the black belt whereby the student receives the right to teach under the Wild Geese banner.

The other project is simpler, an eBook, a sister book No Equipment, No Excuses that answers a question I’m often asked.

“Whats the best exercise for burning fat?”

I always answer with a question myself “Just one?”

This book is to answer that.

But lets change the subject and talk about this saturday.

For the saturday session I’m limited in what I can do due to injured shoulder. So we are going to do something a little different to usual.

We are going for a run. I haven’t decided if we’ll do endurance or sprints but if you come down to Ringsend Park, the entrance beside Rope Walk Pl and Parkview Pl, you’ll be sure to find out.

See you Sat at 12 noon.


Are you one of the few?

Well I don’t know what you all got up to over your lunch break, but for an elite few they were down here at Wild Geese HQ sweating buckets, getting strong and earning their weekend break.

Look around your office, do you see anyone looking slightly flushed, maybe with a self-satisfied look on their face. Some one who’s buzzing, powering through their afternoons work load?

That person is the person who did something with their lunch break. While everyone else is queuing up in the canteen, running out into the cold for a smoke, stuffing themselves with bread and stodge, that person was lifting Kettlebells, performing bodyweight drills, boosting their testosterone levels, getting an endorphin rush.

Most likely they’re now eating something fresh and tasty looking, as far removed from your stodge or low-fat “health food” as imaginable.

Now take a guess, which one of you is going to feel sluggish, tired and foggy all afternoon? Thats right, not the lunchtime athlete, oh no, it’ll be you. You’ll be over at the coffee machine trying to trick you body and mind into performing, while the other guy (or girl) is on a natural buzz, sipping on water and powering ahead.

Who would you rather be?

Well many will answer, “I’m happy the way I am” They’re the same ones filing themselves full of coffee, nicotine and sugar in a vain, hopeless attempt at staying alert and productive, a self-perpetuating downward spiral.

A few of you may answer “Yeah, but I’m too tired” These are the few without the backbone to stand up and take charge of their health. They don’t realise that energy creates energy. As you body become stronger and the cardio system more efficient, you store more energy in the muscles, you absorb energy into the blood more efficiently and transport it to where it needs to be faster.

And then there’s the real minority, the “yeah, thats me” crowd. The ones every one looks at and says “I don’t know how they do it” or “Don’t they always look great”, “Where do they get the energy” usually just before the backbiting begins.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?
Can you stand being the envy of the office?
Can you rise above the peer pressure and backstabbing?

If you can answer yes to the above three questions, then you know where to find us and you know what to do.

If you answer no, then stay where you are.

And then there’s the even fewer.

Those that are willing to come out on a saturday and play hard. This weekend I will be back in Bushy Park at noon. If you can find the gymnastic rings, then you’ll find me.

See you there

Or maybe not

Your choice


Can’t Stop, Didn’t Stop

It’s a cold afternoon in Dublin, there’s a fog coming in from the sea, wouldn’t want to be hanging about today.

So we didn’t.

For today’s saturday session I was joined by hard charging Wild Geese member, Ray. He’s an IT type, a computer geek with a penchant for mountain bikes, snowboards and anything that’ll push him to his far reaching limits.

If you subscribe to the monthly Wild Geese newsletter, you may remeber this short peice he wrote:
You Cant Stop, You Wont Stop

So I knew I could have a bit of fun.

Here’s what today consisted of:

A short jog to warm up. Of course it’s never that simple, the part of the park we were in has sevaral small hills in sequence, we jogged over all of them untill we came to a set of Rugby posts that weren’t being used.

Then we got cracking:

5x Burpees with a pull up
25 meter sprint

Walk back to the posts and repeat for 5 rounds.

Then jog over to one of the hills for 3 rounds of:

Backwards running uphill
Spiderman Crawl downhill

The whole thing took around 25 minutes and we were both feeling the pain and breathing hard.

You don’t need to train for hours at a time, unless your sport calls for hours of work. Which unless you’re a triathlete or runner is unlikely.

Short sharp shock workouts ought to leave you feeling like you’re ready to take on the world, not wasted for hours (like I used to feel when I trained for the marathon a while back)

Shorter workouts take less time to recover from, they take less time from your day, less time away from your family, so you can do them more often
2 x 2 hour workouts can be split into 4 x half hour workouts. You’d be able to go harder, get a higher boost to the metabolism and really turn your fitness up to the next level.

Try it

You won’t be dissapointed


Where did the week go?

Do you ever sit and wonder where the time goes?

Today is Friday, it’s almost the weekend and it feels like the last few days never happened!
However I can look at my training log and see that I have completed my scheduled training sessions on Mon and Wed, I can look at my other log books and see that I’ve had a dozen or more clients in and I can see exactly what they’ve done and on which day they did it.

So while the week feels like a blur, I can actually see the amount of work done in simple black and white.

Such is the benefit of keeping a log.

It means you never have to guess. I know that on Monday I performed a total of 21 reps in  the front squat, the time before that I hit 18. I know that today I have to hit 22+ using the same weight.
I can tell you that last friday I missed a workout, I had pain and stiffness that just would not loosen up so instead of the Deadlifts I had planned I did a mobility session.
This was all noted in my log book.

I’m going to ask you, do you keep a note of your training?

I’m guessing most of you don’t, you try to remember what it is you did on any given day. I have to tell you, if you’re looking to make improvements in performance, you’d better start writing down your results.

How else do you know if what you’re doing is working as well as you think it is?

Anyhow, this weeks saturday session:
It’s going to be a little later as I’ve clients in the morning.
So I’ll be in the Phoenix Park, by the old fort (crossing of the Military Road and Khyber Road) for 14.30.

Last week was fun, I’m already looking forward to getting out this weekend.