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Putting The Boot In

I WISH the military looked like this

I have been known, on many occasions to stand and take the piss out of these “military” bootcamp classes that are all the rage right now.
I find the marketing and hype far outstrips the actual quality of training, and as for any resemblance to actual military training…. Lets not even go there!
So I find it slightly embarrassing to announce that I will be running a Bootcamp of my own.

I’m not embarrassed by the training on offer, or the fact it will be an early morning group program. I’m embarrassed to call it a bootcamp, but as that is what the market wants, it’s what the market gets.

Why a Bootcamp?
One of the Wild Geese kick boxers has been asking me to give him extra conditioning training for some time now, but he could never get to any of my classes and was too busy to make a private slot. So he chatted to a few people, including other kick boxers and came up with the Bootcamp idea.
And here we are.

What to expect
Because a fighter asked for this, it is built around the fighters needs. But what does that mean for a non combat athlete?
It means, that if you are willing to work hard and push yourself, you will be trained as fighter is trained. The advantage of this is simple, you will never find a more well rounded and complete athlete, someone who is strong, powerful, explosive, enduring and agile. Someone with a body that can not only deliver devastating power, but also absorb it. A body that remains powerful even when pushed to extreme fatigue.
And because form follows function, it will look lean and powerful. It will move smoothly, cat like, ready to explode into action at a moments notice.

The 4 week program start on the 28th June, all payments must be in by the 25th (1 week from today). The camp will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7am. You will be done by 8am, sometimes earlier.
The camp intensity will build to a crescendo in week 3 and then taper down in week 4 as a few of the participants have a fight booked on the 24th July.

If you wish to experience the training needed to step into a ring, or if you are looking for a serious kick up the arse with your training, then here’s what you must do:
Email me (info@wildgeesema.com), phone me (087 672 6090) or message me on facebook (www.facebook.com/wgma.dave) to register your interest.

You will then need to pay, all payments will be taken in advance, the only refund opportunity will be if you are injured, in which case you will get 100% back. If you quit or get kicked out, you get nothing.
The cost for the 4 week (12 sessions) is €147. This works out at €7 per session.
Existing, regular, Wild Geese members receive a 33% discount.
Wild Geese Fighters with a date coming up train for free.
If you are not a Wild Geese Fighter, but have an event (doesn’t have to be a fight) on the horizon and wish to add this camp to your preparation, come in and talk to me.

This is NOT a military style bootcamp.
This is a training program for highly motivated individuals.

Wild Geese is an Attitude, if you have it, you will survive, if you don’t, don’t bother showing up at all.



Every Cause But Our Own

War battered dogs are we,
Fighters in every clime;
Fillers of trench and of grave,
Mockers bemocked by time,
War-dogs hungry and grey,
Gnawing a naked bone,
Fighters in every clime..
Every cause but our own.

“With the Wild Geese” by Emily Lawless

A long time a go people were leaving Ireland to join the ranks of the Wild Geese.
They were leaving because their homeland was under attack and they were too small to put up a decent resistance, instead they’d travel and join their enemy’s enemy where they could now really make a difference.

In essecne they we’re mercenary warriors, fighting not for money, but for the good of their homeland. in the poem above this is summed up by the last line, “Every cause but our own”

We call ourselves Wild Geese. And we have just found a new cause to fight for.

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Balanced Self Defence

Go to a self defence course and you’ll usually get taught a hundred ways to damage a body.

Go to a self protection and you learn probably fewer ways to hurt people but also get a load of ways to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. Oh, and learn how to not be too upset about the ordeal afterwards.

Go to a martial arts class and you’ll get taught whatever interpretation of whatever some dead, probably Asian, guy used to defeat countless enemies.

But then take a look at the older and more esoteric systems. Particularly the Okinawan, Chinese, the lesser known Thai arts and Indian martial arts. You’ll see a vastly different approach to what is often espoused today.

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6 Wild Geese Updates

6 updates for the Wild Geese friends and Family:

  1. 1- Wild Geese Hoodies will soon be available, we have a trial order coming in shortly. They are black with White embroidery, great quality. Price will be in the region of €35.
    <—-Design will be something like the picture.

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No Sh1t Sherlock!

I just saw a news headline on the TV ticker tape thing, now before I go off on a rant, I only read the headline, I haven’t heard the entire story.

I don’t think I need to.

The headline went:
“Probation officers are at risk of violence”

Surely thats like saying “Ducks are at risk of getting wet”

Let me think, who else is at risk of violence……

A&E Nurses and other hospital staff
Bus drivers
Prison officers
Taxi Drivers
Publicans and their staff
Bank employees
Social workers
Retail and other security guards
The Homeless
Anybody using an ATM
Kids with glasses
Kids with ginger hair
Kids with braces, in fact any kid that is a little different
The elderly or infirm (yes there are cruel bstrds out there)
Any Joe Soap in the wrong place at the wrong time

The list really does go on.

What gets my goat is that nobody wants to do anything about it.
When I asked a student of mine who is a respected member of the Irish Police Force (Gardai) about the training he received in Garda college, he laughed at me. it turns out their self defence and control & restraint training is considered a standing joke.

When I enquired further he alluded to the truth. Now to be clear, this is how I interpreted what he said, these are not his words, they are mine:
The powers that be would rather pay one of their own sick leave than pay a scumbags legal claim, therfore self defence/martial arts training is discouraged.

Is that incredible or what?!?!

Now what about the poor probation officers?
They like the rest of us need to take our sefety into our own hands. Nobody is going to look after us, it is up to ourselves to decide wether to be victims or not.
By going out and getting trained, you are choosing not.

Whatever flavour of training catches you imagination, be it lifting heavy kettlebells, swinging Eskrima sticks, rolling with BJJ, Kickboxing or the brutality of Kenpo, it is of little difference.
The end result is that you will have strength, speed, skill and knowledge with which to tackle a violent aggressor.

We are all at risk of violence, it is just that some professions bring us closer to it than others, but every friday and saturday night the streets get a little rougher.

Don’t bury your head in the sand, learn to take care of yourself and ensure you are able to get home safely to your family, whatever you do for a living.


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