Upcoming Kickboxing Events

We have 2 Fight Nights coming up:
· 2nd May in the Green Isle Hotel.
Wild Geese Kickboxers Chris Boyne and Rory is fighting at this event.
It is being promoted by Norman Kelly of BlackPanthers. On the night there will be 3 international bouts, so it is billed to be a big event.
· 23rd May in the Green Isle Hotel.
Wild Geese Kickboxing Coach and World Champion Ronan MacSweeny and Wild Geese Member Chris Boyne will be fighting at this event.
The event is being run by Fuscos Gym, and the event is called “The Magnificent Seven”, I put a poster up in the changing rooms. Ronan is on the Irish team for this event. This is being billed as a big event. Ireland v Italy.

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