Waterford Open Report March 6th 2010

Four regulars at Wild Geese Judo entered the Waterford Open but unfortunately Michael McKenna had to withdraw due to a last-minute training injury (not sustained at Wild Geese I hasten to add!).


Lisa Garland from the junior class took Silver. This was Lisa’s fourth competition and she fought well and with great sportmanship, as usual.


Senior Men Adam Cymbalista and Shane Kavanagh both took Bronze in the Lower Kyu Categories which were split into Over and Under 73 kg groups. This was their first Judo competition and they both performed brilliantly and, perhaps just as importantly, entered fully into the spirit of cameraderie and fun and seemed to be enjoying themselves.


Just in case there are any cynics out there, Adam had three fights and Shane six (he also entered the weights category) to secure their medals, even though certain other categories were poorly attended.


Your reporter (and coach) is very proud of the way the lads conducted themselves and can honestly say that they did not look like competition "virgins"; indeed they both won their first fight which is a great achievement for first-timers.


I must single out Adam in particular as he is Wild Geese to the core and does not practise judo anywhere else; therefore helping to support our philosophy that classes do not have to be brutally tough to produce effective players and results. Adam and Shane got their yellow belts about a month ago and their enthusiasm and commitment is most encouraging.


Well done, Lisa, Shane and Adam.


Donal Tannam

Wild Geese Judo Coach

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