Wild Geese Coaches Leading from the Front

Wild Geese coaches are some of the best around.
Of course every gym says that about their coaches, it’s be insane if they didn’t, yet how much truth is in the statement, what actions are there to back it up?

At Wild Geese we expect as much from th coaches as we do the students, it’s no good us standing in front of a class insisting tha they bust their balls day in day out if from time to time we don’t throw them a little piece of inspiration.

So here’s some of the latest from the coaches locker room:

Judo – Another awesome haul for our judo coach. Under 66 kilos senior men-silver medal, Masters under 66 kilos gold medal and masters under 81 kilos silver medal. Truly Donal Tannam is a man worth listening to!

Kettlebells – Dave Hedges also hit it hard down in Kilkenny performing 62 reps with the 24kg kettlebells in the EGSA Long Cycle competition. This is only four weeks after performing 1 Mile of Walking Kettlebell Swings and raising €4700 for RehabCare.

Eskrima – Paul Cox has just booked his flights to head over to the Doce Pares World Championships, where he is to defend his title. Rumour has it that his instructor, Danny Guba, has also put him forward for a formal grading!

Next time you’re down at your gym, ask the coach what they have done this year.
If they lead from the front, good. If not, maybe rethink your training there.


Wild Geese

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